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Day 76 - Training Blog 10th March 2013

13-March-2013 11:34
in General
by Admin


Breakfast consumed as early as possible, Berocca first followed by Porridge, Banana and one granary toast and jam with a cup of tea. Unfortunately followed by an Ibuprofen! Pain level a bit high to run without. Quick warm up and gentle stretch, tiger balm and Voltarol applied, kit on bag packed, van loaded and off to pick up Vince a little late due to stomach being... a bit lively! All good met Jon Lawler and Matt Watt at Ashridge, gloves on, bottle holder loaded, bottle with Maxi Muscle electrolyte tablet and Maxi Muscle Gels. I wanted to try the Gels today as previously other Gels have not agreed with me and did not stay down long! We set off at a very steady pace which obviously suited me, I wanted to try and stay with the pack at least until the first hill. I fought my way round the first lap very uncomfortable and very very cold! The second lap hurt a lot, not so much my back but my legs. I think this was due to my not very long stride and not great style. I was still with them at the start of the first hill, very uncomfortable and ready to stop! I had to push the pace up the hill otherwise I would have stopped. I struggled to keep with the still very slow pace for the rest of the lap. Worked hard to keep in touch for the complete 2nd lap and had to talk myself into passing the vehicles to start the 3rd lap. The lads needed to pick up the pace at the start of the 3rd lap and I fell behind. At this point it felt like I had never run distance before, I could not get a comfortable style or rhythm. The general pain level from waist down was making me feel a bit sick and I had no energy, I think due to my cough! My last lap was I think about the same pace as the other two, it just felt slower and much harder. Approaching the big hill for the 3rd time I tried the Maxi Gel, it tasted quite nice and I think helped me up the hill, which was good. Unfortunately as I eased off when the road levelled out at the top, my body decided to get rid of the recently taken on Gel and drink, which was not good! Within the next kilometre I had my second Gel which went down fine, stayed there and helped me through the very tough last 5k. Very pleased to meet the others back at the vehicles some 15 minutes after they had finished! Still, however tough and painful, very pleased to get 33.8k complete in 2'44"58. Back felt ok but legs were very tight and hurt! New trainers were ok though. Quick change into warm dry clothes and back home for a very hot bath followed by more ice now applied in rotation to my lower back, buttocks, hamstrings and calves. Happy Mothers Day.

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