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Day 75 - Training Blog 9th March 2013

13-March-2013 11:29
in General
by Admin


Long night short sleep! 7am stretch and gentle warm up, kit on, Barney and Ace in the truck and off to Whippendale. Garmin Watch on waited for signal, watch went off no battery left! Started slow, warmed up nicely and although still restricted, enjoyed a good 10.4k run in 46 minutes timed from truck due to no Garmin! Back in the car park I met Malarkey McBranagan, in his late 60's early 70's he used to be a very good runner and sub a 2'45" marathon man! I have met him a lot over the last few years walking with his dog and collecting golf balls from the woods around the course, he always gets a full bag per dog walk! Anyway very pleasant post run chat about all things running then he informs me he only ran about 20 marathons in his life, never trained over 20 miles and he goes in hospital next week for his 2nd knee replacement! Encouraged by the prospect of my future fate, I had a quick stretch off, back home, quick shower and off to Wendover to meet Joel at 9:30 for another Core session and Deep Tissue massage and work out. Good session, nearly 90 minutes, a bit painful but again good improvement on last time. Booked 3 sessions in for next week and signed Joel up for the Watford 10k, our Foundation Day team run, which was good. Now off to Tring to meet Karen and have a great breakfast in the Espresso Lounge, 2 poached eggs on a bed of water cress, 2 grilled lean bacon, on the vine tomatoes, 2 granary toast and a lovely coffee! Still trying to give up coffee, have cut down massively though! All good, nice relaxing day, received my delivery from Maxi Muscle, electrolyte drink tablets, gels, recovery protein plus a lot more stuff that I have no clue at the moment what it does! Thanks MaxiMuscle for your support and big thanks to Rich Coles for gaining their help. Now 4:30am Sunday morning and I am getting ready for a run with the Gade Valley boys in Ashridge. Aiming for 18 to 20 miles round a loop, also aiming to be with them for longer than Thursdays 200m!

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