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Day 73 - Training Blog 7th March 2013

13-March-2013 11:17
in General
by Admin


Cough and chest getting worse! Back getting better which is good, no morning run which was not good. 6:30pm kit on and off to the GVH, not ready to run fully but I prefer running with people so we set off about 7pm, I ran with the lads for about 200 metres then they pushed on and I was on my own, good while it lasted! I pushed harder after the first few miles, not f...luent but felt like proper running. Felt a bit better at 6k and worked hard without much rhythm but very pleased to get 14.5k completed in 1'05'40. Quick stretch off followed by a nice cup of tea in the club and a catch up with the lads. Now back home and back to the ice! Osteopath tomorrow, a core session on Saturday with Joel and hope to meet up on Sunday with some of the lads and get a few miles done at a good but steady pace. I want to get back to running marathons as soon as possible, I am not the most patient person in the world but patience is required now!

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