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Monday 12th March MARATHON 53

12-March-2012 22:09
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by Admin

12th March - Day 59. Down to the restaurant next door, a few people in, big telly with Spanish sitcom on and locals engrossed! Very helpful waiter, happens to be the same feller who checked us in, we walked outside and in the restaurant, one minute he was on reception, next a waiter! Anyway, he spoke reasonable English so we explained we wanted a big omelette with potato and ham to fill me up. He asked earlier about the van so he knew I was running and needed good food! Turns out he did not understand as well as we thought, a plate turned up first with mixed meats, fish, egg, green and red peppers all mixed up. It looked dreadful but tasted ok, however not enough! Just about to order more when the biggest steak on the bone turned up! It filled the plate with a few chips and more peppers. It was not bad so we tucked in, more chips turned up and we had to say no more, just in case they were going to keep on all night! Thoroughly stuffed we refused desert, dad nodded off at the table and went up to the room and I just sat still for about 20 minutes letting the food go down! Very nice people and a great atmosphere but very dodgy TV! It amazes me that they have big TV's on in all the restaurants, even the very nice hotel restaurants, they are all very loud and with football on, which is ok, or a sitcom in which someone is always wearing a wig! Anyway back to the room and in bed by 11pm. Not a good night, I felt dodgy so I sat up and watched TV. After all the football coverage had finally finished, they show everything over and over! I watched Herbie, the newest one with Lindsey Lohan, quiet funny dubbed in Spanish! In and out of the bathroom most of the night I finally got up at 6:30. Down to reception and tried to get out at 6:45, finally escaped at 7:20! Is it legal to have no exit open until the morning people turn up? Anyway I set off for a quick run, I had to be back to do a radio phone interview with BBC3Counties at 8:15. I ran down the main road east, not alot going on, weather was overcast, buildings were mostly 70's construction and alot shut down! Still good to see the cafe's open and the working population starting their day with a nice coffee. Not alot more to report, legs felt heavy and lifeless, my left achilles still very stiff and sore. Back to the hotel and 6k done in 41 Minutes. Felt better but still not right, we went for breakfast. Dad was starving after another great nights sleep! Got my porridge cooked again, with thick forest honey on, which is different from summer honey, which pours easier and lighter in colour, so I am told! Nice cup of tea and as many pastries as I could eat along with 2 chunks of fresh brown/granary bread, toasted. Back to the room by 9:20, earlier than normal. I still felt a bit dodge so had a lie down, fell asleep and woke at 10:40 with dad also asleep and snoring! Now late and feeling worse, a quick freshen up wash, pack, load, pay and quick video and I was on my way by 11:40 leaving Colindres and Hotel Las Ruedas. From the start I again had nothing to give! I felt sick and very lethargic. I had to dig in to get any pace going at all, first 2k hurt everywhere and I still felt sick! Pace was slower but felt worse on the body. First 6k was quite flat and I found a bit of rhythm, unfortunately I revisited my breakfast, not alot but enough to make 2 women who were a bit too close on the pavement take a swerve! Anyway just before 7k, the hills started! I shortened my stride and slowly got up the first very long hill, not out of breath just no power in my legs! The route was one road all the way, the N634! Yes you guessed it we managed to go wrong! Only once but after 3k I found myself running towards a dead end! We both found the funny side and cracked on, after dad did a 14 point turn to get out! The good thing about today's run was the great scenery, the bad thing was that with great scenery normally comes bloody great big hills, today was very, very hilly! Dad and I had a few words up a few of the longer hills when, as I passed him, he would say,"I don't know how you do it, I would stop", followed by, "the hill goes on forever"! I explained that was not helping and dad replied "I am only telling the truth". I used the anger to help me keep going when I could easily have stopped. The odd flatter section broke up the pain of climbing or descending! I reached 36k after another long climb and hoped the remaining 6.2k would be easier? No such luck, after a long decent the last climb started, I could see up a very log straight steep hill. 3k left, the hill was 2.8k! Anyway finished in 4'11"14  on the main road just before the town of Muskiz. Great relief to have finished, I jumped or rather edged my way in the van and we drove to the centre, parked had my orange, iced, quick change and to this lovely little road side cafe. A slice of ham, cheese and tomato Tortia and a lovely coffee, sitting in the not so hot sun. Still a great feeling. When we were discussing Santander yesterday, we also looked at Bilbao. Dad did not like the look of it to drive through, I had protested but did not fancy running through it either. We finished our coffee and decided to head into Bilbao, see what the road situation was like and look for accommodation. My god it is a big industrial city! The roads were jammed, motorways ran across overhead, underneath and all over! Dad was having kittens so I said we would get across town, find accommodation and start tomorrow from that side. That was easier said than done! Very long one short we are now booked in another hotel, north east of Bilbao! Quick shower and more icing then off to find food. Still not feeling great, I am putting it down to fatigue! I hear the Mail might be running the story tomorrow, fingers crossed. We need the greater exposure, I am going through all this to raise lots of money for Teenage Cancer Trust and the Hospice of St Francis. Please dig deep our donations page has every possible way you can give money, even texts! Thank you for your support so far.

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