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Sunday 12th February

12-February-2012 19:24
in General
by Admin

Over the road for dinner last night, fish and chips watching Barcelona get beaten! We were the only people in apart from the owners, they made a fuss of us which was nice. Back to the room, tablets, foot treated and leg up, 10:30 asleep. Up at 5:45 to do radio5Live, did not want to wake dad so went down and sat in the van, freezing! Anyway no call so I got on with my day. Foot has no pain just a crusty lump that feels funny but shin still a bit painful and unfortunately swollen! Still, training today, 2 more tablets, leg up and we will be good to go tomorrow, I hope! Sore throat a bit worse as well today, back to gargling with TCP! Sun rose at 7:15, very cold but bright blue skies. Got a call from R5L at 8:00, very nice, she explained they were overloaded due to Whitney, what a shock and waste! They said they will call again next week. Anyway on with the day, good breakfast back to the room, tablets, leg up and a sleep again!

Assuming all ok tomorrow we got the maps out and planned our route through to Calais! We are looking at going to Santiago de Compostela then run the pilgrims way in reverse to St Jean Pied de port. This is actually quicker, however it may be much tougher. Going this way makes it about 10 marathons too short so we are planning on sticking to the coast of Spain for a further 8 to 10 days before then heading south east to Santiago. All planned dad and I again felt the enormity of the remaining challenge! Dad promptly went to the loo and I went and put my feet up and fell asleep for half an hour! 12:45 got ready to train, dad asleep at this point so off I went. All not feeling too bad. Quick warm up for 15 minutes and I set off at a nice slow pace lapping the pitch, Garmin on I ran 5k in 29'58" shin was sore but did not get to the point of stopping me or throbbing, right knee, right outer thigh, both calf's and left hip all hurt but I think just niggles! 15 minute stretch, body work and a good sweat achieved. Back to the room iced and all felt ok. Shin not quite as good as I hoped but it is not red and think not infected, it is the swelling causing the pain. Dad and I wandered over to our little quiet cafe at 4pm to watch the City game, it was packed full of bikers! Nice Sunday so why not. Anyway that is about it for today. Andy my brother in law is flying out tomorrow afternoon, he is also my sports therapist, bringing a new foam roller and more medical supplies! All going well tonight and no bad reaction in the morning, I start again, very nervous but can't wait to get going. Re set the sat nav to avoid motorways as well as toll roads, should help with dads navigation! Not going out tonight, pasta in a pot in our room!

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