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Tuesday 10th April MARATHON 88

11-April-2012 10:44
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by Admin

10th April - Day 88. Washing complete and in bed by 11:30! Not a great nights sleep but ok. Up with alarm at 6:10, hit snooze a few too many times and out of bed at 6:50. Applied voltarole to thigh, abloutions carried out and downstairs for my run at 7:10. Went to the car park to get my running shoes, could not find the van! Eventually found it, dad parked closer to Dieppe than the Faulty Towers! I moved the van to within 10 yards of the hotel entrance, shoes on and off I went. Great feeling not having to go but with what happened yesterday, I thought a little 2k road test would be a good idea and I am used to doing it now! I ran from our hotel to the seafront, everything hurt! My left calf pinged a bit, my groins ached and my knees were murder! Turned right along the seafront road, it looked very English, the wind smacked me from the left as I emerged between the buildings. A good sign, wind behind going North! It looked like an event had gone on, or was still going on, the road was shut off to traffic and full of very large marques with names of different countries on them? Absolutely empty apart from security guards, lots of them? Anyway I ran through, reached 1k and turned to run back, good feeling, I realised then how strong the wind was! Nice jog back through to hotel, 2.1k complete, hardly sweating but legs felt a bit looser, which was nice. Back to the room, dad washing socks and gloves that I had already washed last night! Quick shower and down to breakfast. The place was packed! Americans, Spanish, Australians and lots of English. Loaded up the tray, got my porridge cooked and dad entered into as many conversations as he could with all the English speaking nations! Turns out we are at the epicentre of world kite flying! It is the world championships and believe it or not, its too windy! Dad somehow got to speak to the lynch pin of the event, Lisa Willoughby from Philadelphia. The very nice and surprisingly young lady was the head judge and explained what was going on. Dad asked in a way only he could, if it was the kites that looked like sofa's that were used and judged? Her face changed a touch as she explained the intricacies of world class kite flying. Dad then said "so no sofas"! A good few minutes of talking about our little adventure and Lisa gave me her card, said she would like to know how the rest of the story finishes, dad must of had a long conversation while boiling his egg! Finished breakfast before 9:00, a first for a long while and back to the room. Planned today's route, tried to get the weather forecast on the 30 channel tv! No luck, game shows or French films? Not that sort! Massaged legs, good rolling session on the Jessica, applied voltarole, kitted up and ready to go by 10:45. Loaded van, drove out of the car park, pulled over, set the sat nav, quick video as the rain started and I set off very slowly at 11:40. Loads of lefts and rights through Berck and out towards D936. Head down and steady was the plan and the action, leggings, hat and rain jacket on with hi-viz over the top. Did not look great but needed to keep warm and be seen! The rain stopped almost straight away, the wind kept up but was behind and not cold and the sun came out for the last 15k! I was as wet as yesterday but just from sweat! The run was not impressive, I had to bend forward to protect my stomach strain, I had to run slightly knock kneed to protect my inner thigh/adductor strain and take as short a stride as possible for overall injury protection. I looked like Quasimodo running with his shoe laces tied together! Anyway, a loo stop at 15k, a voltorole and pain killer stop at 29k and a very controlled style but marathon 88 on day 88 complete in 4'27"15. I completed the run 7 miles before Boulogne? In a lay-by on a busy section of the road that was very windy! In the van, very wet clothes off, towel down and clothes on. Orange, ham and peanut butter baguette and a boiled egg, very enjoyably consumed in the back of the van while waiting for accommodation instruction from the office. Photo sent to put on site. Problems with booking so we headed into Boulogne. Long one short, nightmare! We ended up in a 3* hotel, not cheap in the centre that said it had a bar and restaurant but had neither! It said it had parking, it did but in a remote garage! Finished run before 4pm got in to hotel room gone 7:30! Out to eat before it got late, 9:30 back in the room to ice thigh, no ice, do the washing, have a bath or shower, do report and rest! Not enough time! Moan over, I have just got to get on! A good day overall!

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