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Day 48 - Training Blog 10th February 2013

11-February-2013 13:49
in General
by Admin


Another good evening icing, up early, normal routine and off to pick up Vince at 7:15. Met Guy, Rich, Matt, Jamie, John and Bill at Ashridge, now rain persisting down, at 7:30 to do the 7 mile loop training run. The lads have done this many times before but it is all new to me. A good early pace established, a bit quick for me but I kept with it, my legs ...tight but ok. A few early hills stopped the banter for a while with Vince pushing the pace at the end of the first lap. A great run through the National Trust countryside with herds of deer, which was nice. Guy needed a pit stop and showing the true experienced runner that he is had his own personal supply of loo roll with him! Unfortunately due to his pit stop, Guy did not catch back up with the group. The pace quickened as the temperature seemed to drop and we went through the half marathon in sub 1'33". All good, my legs went numb and I was very pleased to will them to go at a decent pace. A very tough but very enjoyable 29k, about 18 miles complete in 2'03" and my legs sort of ok. A quick stretch off, change out of my very cold and wet kit, in the van to warm up and head home for a very hot bath followed by a trip into Tring for a full English, grilled not fried, breakfast and a strong Cappuccino at the highly recommended Espresso Lounge, spot on. Now back home watching the rugby trying to keep my eyes open and again icing my legs!

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