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Day 47 - Training Blog 9th February 2013

11-February-2013 13:48
in General
by Admin


Good nights sleep, up early for a good breakfast. Really want to run for Gade Valley Harriers today in the last Cross country of the season in Wing. If I can run it, I will have completed my first e...ver season running in every race! Anyway, breakfast consumed, a bit of work done, tiger balm applied after a very hot shower, kit on plus loads of layers to keep warm, in the van and off to pick up some of the Lads at the club. All done, loaded and on our way, me and Matt from GVH and Jamie and John from Dacorum. Weather deteriorated a bit but not too cold and no frost on the ground, which I am told is good as this course is a proper Cross Country, very rutted, very hilly and very muddy! Met all the team and went for a warm up/fitness test jog round the course, which as expected was very muddy! Left hamstring felt tight but not weak or sore, which was nice. Decision made against the advice given, sorry Joel and Andy Gall, to compete. Very steady start, everyone shot off and my first lap of three safely complete, unlike a few who fell at the first gate and got stuck it the very deep sticky mud. Picked the pace up during the second lap and again in the 3rd. All good coming into the home straight, a good shout from our lot on the line and I pushed passed a few runners, got carried away and had a slight twinge in the left string! Still, no disaster, finished well and a good performance by GVH. Guy, Rich and Matt leading the team home, and everyone put in a great effort, especially Tom who lost his shoe at the first gate mud pit of the first lap and still finished! Proper tough runner. Very pleased to have competed for the first time in my life and completed my first season of cross country. Thanks to Andy Newing for organising it and everyone for welcoming the oldest rooky into the fold. All now caked in mud, it was like being back at school sports, quick change in the tent, all sides in place this week which made it a nice change and a touch warmer! Cup of tea and a cake consumed whilst watching the ladies race, well done ladies very good performance, and back to the van to warm up and get home. Now back home, very hot shower taken and back on the ice watching the Rugby! Another exciting Saturday night ahead! Hopefully I will be ok to join everyone at 7:30 tomorrow morning for a good 18 mile session. I will join them anyway, it would just be nice to be ok! Please look at our website and see how you can get involved. I will be starting 5 weeks today in Edinburgh, we are looking for shirt and day sponsors, corporate sponsors and of course runners to join me, for just a mile, or up to a complete marathon, please join in. Have a look at the link to Teenage cancer Trust and see what all your help will go towards. Thank you.

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