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Day 46 - Training Blog 8th February 2013

11-February-2013 13:47
in General
by Admin


No running! Hamstring feeling tight but not as painful following another marathon ice session last night and again too hot a bath! Met Carolyn and Katrina from Teenage Cancer Trust. Very good but very long meeting and now very nervous! It all seems to be on top of me now and the pressure has gone up a notch I think made worse due to my current injury list...! All good though. Made me focus on the purpose of this, Raising money for Teenage Cancer Care!!! Quick meeting with Cliff King at the Health Hub Gym in Northbridge Road planning a few very long, over 30 mile, training runs over the next 3 weeks, can't wait! 4pm off to see Joel for the physio session I should have had yesterday and wish I had. Good news, no hamstring tear, adductor very tight and inflamed insertion, not sure of spelling? Its the end of the adductor that joins the pelvis! A very good but very painful 1 hour 20 session endured but felt much better after. Home for another evening of icing! My life now consists of preparing to run, running, recovering from running and physio! My choice so I'm not complaining. Now in bed with my last ice session of 15 minutes, about to be over, 7pm to midnight! I have had better Friday nights!

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