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Saturday 11th February

11-February-2012 18:48
in General
by Admin

Dinner not up to much, dad chose the special, always dodge in a place that's not busy! He paid the price during the night, up to the loo on many occasions and snoring for England between! Did the usual with my foot and took my tablets!
Up and out of bed at 7:30 both of us not feeling great, I have a sore chest! I think my lungs do not know what's going on, 4 months before I started this challenge, the most time I had off training was the odd day, 25 marathons on the spin then 3 solid days off is not doing me any good! Did my warm up as though I was running then shower and down for breakfast. Dad still a bit off colour he only had cornflakes, I however had everything I could! I have never eaten as much as this, hopefully gained a few pounds! Back to room more washing done, tablets and leg up for a couple of hours. 12:15 kitted up to go and do a light session round the football pitch. Did 40 minutes of light jogging, walking, sit ups, press ups, squats and loads of stretches. Foot was fine no pain, just felt like I had a small stone in my shoe, shin hurt when I ran too much so just stopped and did body work then started again. Had a good sweat, again great weather, sorry I spoke to Karen this morning, I understand the weather in England is a touch colder, our water had frozen in -12 weather! My right knee ached and my calf's and hamstrings were tight, to be expected I suppose? Felt unfit and lungs laboured and my throat a bit sore, more of a tickle really. Dad was with me filming, hopefully with the camera on! It was a bit like my Watford FC days when I was a kid but I had Tom Loddy telling me to take it easy rather than Tom Wally trying to kill me! Good old days. Anyway work out, I think successful, done. Dad found a TV and watched the last half of United Liverpool, I watched a bit then back to food, tablets and leg up! Slept again then back to cleaning foot. Had a call from Radio5Live regarding a call and interview tomorrow morning, should be good, all great exposure for our charity. Now about to do quick workout then shower and out to dinner. Giving the Hotel restaurant a miss tonight! Did not get a chance to read my book so nothing to report, good sign I think! Hopefully big improvement tomorrow, finish antibiotics and crack on, on Monday. Very steady of course!

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