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Friday 10th February

11-February-2012 0:40
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by Admin

Not a bad meal, Beef Bourguignon?. New head waiter who made a fuss of us, only two tables in though! He had seen the tv interview and asked how my run had gone today! I explained that I had a problem and had to stop for a few days, a bit embarrassed I must have felt the need to prove it, before I knew what I was doing my shin was out and sock off! He wished me well and I re dressed. Back to the room, cleaned foot applied cream and took more tablets. Woke at 5 again but stayed in bed until 8:30, got up and ached even more than yesterday! Sleeping in does not suit me. Unbelievable weather again, not a cloud and less wind than yesterday, great day for running! Down to breakfast, ate loads, sat around as there was no rush and finally decided to go back to the room after a good hour. Morning tablets taken and I set about getting all my washing done. Did not fancy another 141 euro bill if I asked the hotel to do it. Socks washed in Bidet, all running kit washed in the bath and washed through with the shower, tied shoe laces together across the balcony to the chair that dad was asleep in and hung all out to dry, sorted. The maids then arrived, took all the clothes off the line and the chairs, seemed very pleasant and disappeared, 30 minutes later they were back with all clothes dried and ironed, touch. Dad gave them a few euro's, they protested but finally took it and left. Back to laying down with my leg up, we both fell asleep and woke at 1pm.

We were both now bored and dad even said he preferred the pressure of navigation! We decided to go shopping and re stock up for the journey ahead. I convinced dad to finally throw away the broken flask that he bought in the 70's, I took it over to the bin and noticed a "Wilkinson" sticker on the bottom! Did not know they were about in the 70's? I drove and we found Modelo the hyper market with only one error which dad went on about for ages! Back to the hotel, van now stocked up and ready to go. We bought some tape and fixed the small window smashed when the van got broken into, then over to the same cafe on the front, sat in the same chairs and had coffee and toasted sandwiches along with an hour of stories from the war! Actually I have heard most of them before but never really listened, quite interesting, funny and also sad. During the blitz dad was a young teenager who for most of the war stayed in London and witnessed auntie's, uncles, his nan and his best friend killed in air raid shelters! We do not know how lucky we are! Anyway another hour os so gone and back to the room! Leg up, more tablets and foot cleaned. Goalkeeper and trainer back out on the grass pitch going through what looked like a very tough session. Shin now not that red but still swollen and very stiff, my foot has almost healed and not too painful. Went through stretches and a small amount of body work. Feeling positive and can't wait to get going again. Now waiting for the dining room to open, dad reading The Payback by Simon Kernick and I am 3 chapters into The Litigators by John Grisham, not a bad start to the book I will critique as we go along. Anyway back to what I am here for running! I hope to be back Sunday/Monday but only when this infection has gone along with the swelling!

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