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Day 17 - Training Blog 10th January 2013

11-January-2013 9:05
in General
by Admin


Up early feeling ok, hours work then kitted up for my morning run. Aiming to run to Hemel along A41 around a bit and back, aiming for a steady 10 miles. Quick warm up and stretch, unfortunately I still can't do core work and circuits due to my pelvic strain! Hopefully next week. I set off as normal along into the village, now 7:20am, the traffic was heavy,... great bit of fresh air! Through the village and into Apsley, nice steady pace, left hip sore but lower back and buttock not too bad. I said "Good Morning" to everyone I ran past with only one good morning back! Anyway, as normal I turned right at the lights by Pilling Corner, 5k complete, towards the Magic Roundabout, now light and roads very busy. Under the underpass and towards the Marlowes. I have not been in the town centre at this time of day on a market day for years and was looking forward to the hustle and bustle, one of my old school friends, Danny Wadmore, has had a stall on there for years. Unfortunately it was not quite what I expected! The market is now down the middle of the pedestrianised area but only a few stalls were there, the place was dead! I again tried a few "good mornings" with very little response, quite funny really so I started saying it to everyone, some people looked at me as if I were an alien! It took my mind away from the run which is the secret to distance running I am sure. Anyway on with the run, I ran past IndyJax, all closed up along with Thornton's Chocolate, Timpsons and the building society, what is going on with this town? Fair pace found as I ran towards the old town. Through the old town, not a lot different there. All looks as I remember it and very nice. I had no idea of my route so just pushed on through past a very flooded Gadebridge Park and on to the link road and the Marchmont Arms. Legs feeling ok and 8k complete I turned left to the Leighton Buzzard, across and up Galley Hill, legs felt that a bit! On up to Boxted road and left to Warners End, more "Good Mornings" and very few replies. You only live once and if your life is long then it's a long time to be miserable and if it is short then don't waste time being miserable! I ran down Long Chaulden past my old school and The Tudor Rose pub! A few drinks consumed there in my early years, I moved on to the Wagon and Horses when I reached 18! Down through Boxmoor and back along through Apsley and Kings Langley, all now open and busy. Back home, a very enjoyable and nostalgic 22.5k complete in 1'46", pleased to do just over half marathon, legs tight and tired, now very hungry and thirsty, good stretch off, shower then breakfast. Trying to eat a lot at breakfast, Porridge bowl is getting bigger with more banana and blueberries and 3 granary toast and an Activia, I struggled to eat it all but felt better and stronger the rest of the day. Missed lunch so late afternoon toast and a Nature Valley Oat and Honey bar, quick five minute sit down then kitted up, voltalole to all affected areas, which seem to be getting more by the day, and off to the running club. Again a good show of people and a very good atmosphere. Our group had grown to about 10. All watches finally found a satellite and we set off. A very nice (slow) pace. For the first kilometre or so then we turned up Long Chaulden and the pace jumped to a bit too quick! The positive was I warmed up quickly. A bit of deja vu going past the Tudor, the other way this time. The pace seemed to quicken at every hill or turning, I managed to hang on past JFK School and down and up through Gadebridge, down and up to the Marchmont and right towards the Old Town. So far in reverse of this mornings run but much quicker! We turned left up Fletcher way and I managed to find a bit of rhythm and push nicely up to the Stag pub. The pace was now very quick, down Jupiter Drive on to Queensway. The pace kept up as we pushed along the Marlowes, all shops shut but more people about? Quick stop for milk and a nice run back to the Club in Boxmoor. 10.8k in 42"50. Quick cup of tea, with the fresh milk, then home, shower and food, chicken and watercress sandwich with a glass of Ribena and sparkling water. Rock n Roll!

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