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Day 15 - Training Blog 8th January 2013

11-January-2013 9:03
in General
by Admin


Up at 5:30, back and hip still very stiff but not as sore. After 10 minutes of waking my legs up and 30 minute warm up and stretch I am good to go for a steady flat'ish run, aiming at doing at least 10k. I set off at 6:20am along the old A41 towards Kings Langley Village. My knees started to hurt and my legs generally objected to the early start. Through the village, everything closed and very little sign of life. I only encountered the odd car on the road and nothing else. Through the village and 2k complete, knees now happier and legs loosening, not a quick pace but comfortable for my back, I need to do the mileage not the speed at this stage. Anyway, I found a nice rhythm and felt quite comfortable going through Apsley, to the lights and right to the Magic Roundabout. Lots more traffic seemed to just appear and the early morning hustle and bustle was here. I do enjoy this time of day, it is good in the country but also in the towns and villages at this time of day. I ran past St Johns Church and down to the roundabout on Station Road, the old A41, turned left and headed home. Apsley was now awake, a new cafe open I see, the newsagents busy and all good. On to KL, legs feeling good but right buttock very tight and experiencing a dull ache! Ran past Dalling's the Deli, now open. I cross the road just so I can get a waft of the coffee and fresh Croissants, can't beat it. Anyway, along the old A41 Watford road, now very busy with traffic desperate to get to the M25. Back home, a very enjoyable run, after the first few kilometres, completed 12.11k in 1'01"17, very precise! All good, legs ok, back not too bad and I was feeling good. More mileage required but one step at a time and build slowly. In London all day on and off trains, a work out in its self! Back home at 5:30 and ready for a sleep, sat down with a cup of tea and went straight off! Woke at 6pm, got kitted up and warmed up for the running club at 6:45. New years resolutions must be being kept up, the club was packed! Good to see it and good to see a few that I have not seen for a while. Anyway, we set off from the club in Boxmoor towards Nash Mills, strange pain in right foot for the first kilometre or so then it just went? All good, our group, me Vince, Guy, Ed and Steve, kept a steady pace to the start point of our lap session. This session was all new to me, continuous running round a kilometre lap, first lap at 98% of marathon pace followed by the second lap at 103% of marathon pace, this was to be repeated 6 times! Very technical and sounded very tough, I did not have a clue, so I just tried to keep up and hope for the best. As I thought it was very tough, everyone worked hard and actually was one of the best sessions we have done, in my opinion that is. My back loosened up well, my legs felt very heavy to start but also loosened up as we got into it. Unfortunately my left hip started to hurt! Nothing too serious so pushed through. Nice steady pace back to the club and 16.92k complete. Including all stops 1'19" training session. Now back home and back to the ice! One pack on my right buttock, one on my left hip and one right hamstring! Great fun!! Still, good to be running again and hopefully will be able to up the mileage over the next week as hopefully my current problems fade away! All good, going to the Health Hub in Berko tomorrow to meet Cliff King to plan a few longer runs at the end of the month.

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