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Day 19 - Marathon 19 - 10th April 2013

10-April-2013 23:16
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Day 19 10th April Letchworth to Hemel Hempstead


Very hot bath last night took me too long to cool down but very nice. Up at 6:30, gentle stretch and hobble to the bath room! Slow Joel workout complete, quick shower and down to breakfast, actually along to breakfast we are ground floor! Mid breakfast, phone went BBC 3 Counties radio for a live interview! Completely forgot but all done hopefully ok and back to breakfast. Struggling to eat again! Forced a bit of porridge down plus 3 toast and 2 cups of tea. All good back to the room, kit on, packed up and checked out by 10am. Thanks to the Mercure Letchworth Hall Hotel and of course Nick and Essential. Short drive to start, quick video and set off on time at 10:30. Weather forecast was cold and rain midday, it was hot and sunny! I had a ski thermal on, high neck, leggings and thick gloves! Anyway, very pleasant start all nice lanes not too much traffic and hilly but not too steep. Dad moaned the lanes were too narrow but did not have a problem navigating correctly through them. A few encouraging bibs along the way and feeling good. Soon reached half way in 1'35". Felt ok but very hot. Entered the back of Harpenden and down Hollybush Lane to the Luton Road and the meeting point with Vince Ellerby a friend from Gade Valley Harriers who kindly offered to join me for the last half today, very appreciated and very needed! Enjoyable run with vince however the legs tightened up with 10k to go and Vince helped me keep a reasonable pace through to the last 2k. I strangely felt comfortable again at this point and enjoyed the run into the Marlowes Hemel Hempstead. We were joined by my daughter India and our friend Bianca for the last kilometre'ish which was very nice. Had a massive shock to see the crowd at the finish by the Bandstand with loads of people I did not know but also loads I did! And biggest shock of all, the Mayor! Thank you all for being there and helping me raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. Blown away, very strange and a bit out of my depth, the Mayor presented me with a shield, which was nice, I got hugged by a lady who I think may have had a wine or two and an Old Holborn, which was not so nice. Great to see my mum and also great to see Phils Mum there with Evie and Holly, Phils children, special thank you. Also the Gade Valley Harriers contingent giving great support. The Chariots of Fire music was being played as I spotted Gavin Town who was actually in the film! Far too many people to mention but thank you, your support in person is great and also the messages I receive through FaceBook and twitter is a big help, still not great on both but getting there! This morning I received another FB Message from the family I met in Newcastle, very positive and  moving, thank you so much, that is what I am doing this for. Anyway on with the day, great Costa Coffee put in my hand, thanks Regan, chat with as many people as I could the quick change and off home for a shower, seemed strange! John Neal came to my house to fit me with a Heart Monitor. Not for ill health reasons but to do a study over the next few days to monitor 24 hour a day heart rate, how I sleep, how I recover and a lot more, should be interesting! All done kit back on, back in the van and off to Champneys in Tring to be frozen! Very kindly organised by our great Friends Paul and Nina with Stephen and Isabelle at Champneys. Arrived just on time and entered the fantastic facilities of the health spa. A few forms to fill in and some very strange clothes to put on and I was ready for photo's! India decided to join me at the last moment which was good but she panicked in the first chamber which was only -63 and was let out which was not good! I managed to stay calm and enter the 2nd Chamber which was -130! I could not see too much, our instruction was to walk around but that disorientated me so I walked to a wall and backed away and focused on being calm. A bit chilly but after 30 seconds I had focused and the 3 minutes passed very quickly. A lot less painful than an iced bath and a lot better for you. Out feeling as expected cold, a few more photo's taken and on to an exercise bike to warm back up. Heart monitor came off just before I went in and put straight on when I got out. The bike HR monitor you hold on to had me at 50 BPM when I got on and 58 BPM after 10 minutes, I think ok! Kriotherapy Session over, strange kit off and feeling good. The idea is that it aids recovery, improves sleep and generally makes you feel great. I highly recommend it, lots of athletes and sports people use it along with ordinary mere mortals like me and a few stars too! I felt great so hope legs are better tomorrow and I sleep well tonight. Big thanks to Champneys, very much appreciated. Back home and on with the day. Need food! Ham and tomato sandwich and a Granola consumed then physio session with Andy. All not too bad, new thigh tear is on top of old tear so I think not that bad, calves very tight but to be expected, back ok, hamstrings very tight and feet ok! Very nice, not too deep, massage enjoyed, a stretch session endured and session over. Now feeling even better but ready for bed. Great spaghetti bolognese and syrup pudding consumed eventually sat down with the family which a miss too much. I nodded off trying to watch Broadchurch and now going to bed. Great big thanks to everyone today and a very special thanks to Herbert chapman the Mayor, your attendance made all the difference to me and our cause. Also thanks to Dacorum Borough Council for being today's shirt sponsor. Well, another marathon done 19 down 11 to go and a very special day over! I am truly pooped!. I forgot to put time! 3'22"23

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