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Thursday 9th February

09-February-2012 19:29
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by Admin


‎9th Feb Day 27 Had a good relaxing evening, leg up, treated foot, that stung a bit and got to bed early. Woke at 5:10, back to work mode I think, however stayed in bed until gone 8:00, which was very strange not just for this little adventure but ever! Up walked to the shower, shin agony but on inspection red area although bigger by about a centimetre in all directions, was far less red, if you know what I mean? Down to breakfast at 9:00 feeling a bit lost but weather great, which was nice. Had an ok breakfast but dad loved it saying it was the best he has ever had! After a brief disagreement with his assessment, I realised why everything was so great for dad this morning, he had no navigation or driving to do, everything was good! Back to the room cleaned foot up and bathed in iodine, took more tablets and lay down with leg up again! Dad applied his sun cream and sat out on the balcony looking very content. Got a bit bored of lying with my leg up so got up at 1pm, quick wash and went down to reception with dad. Nothing to do so we walked, very slowly, the 80 paces over to a cafe on the sea front. Very sunny but with a very cold wind. Sat down and had a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and a coffee, very nice and out of the wind, very hot. Dad and I started talking about the journey so far, dad could hardly remember a name, a place or a situation! We somehow got onto talking about holidays 30 years ago, his friends at school, his work in Bermondsy, which train or bus he had to take to get from his home in Vernon Street, West Kensington, how long it took by all forms of transport! He remembered all of it, from what he ate to his barbers name 60 years ago! Yesterday, forget it! Anyway spent a couple of hours reminiscing and also planned our route into Spain, Dad at this point looked a bit uncomfortable and changed the subject back to my childhood! The next part of our journey into Spain will be a bit tricky for dad but we will cope even if we do not end up at our planned destination, mileage is mileage, should be fun. Walked back and got some oranges from the van. It stunk so we cleaned it out and found a cartoon of opened milk that had turned a touch! We found and got rid of 6 bags of old half eaten food, broken eggs and rotten fruit! All dirty running kit that has mounted, was bagged up and van back to some sort of order. Back up to the room more tablets, cleaned foot and back to laying down with leg up! Feel very strange not exercising, I am aching all over for some reason! Dad started watching Barcelona on tv saying it was live, the pleasant exchange of opinions as to why I thought it would not be live, 3pm on a Thursday afternoon he eventually conceded, turned off and started to read a book, 5 minutes later he was fast asleep and snoring! I know this is the correct and only thing to do but very frustrating and boring! I think there is a pro goalkeeper and his trainer staying here, I saw them yesterday out the back of the hotel on a very nice looking grass pitch, going through routines for a good couple of hours and they are there again this afternoon, might go over and have a knock about! Thanks for all the positive messages, I hope to start stretching and do a non leg work out tomorrow to try and keep a bit active. Well, going down to dinner soon, last nights buffet was not up to much, hope tonight's is better.

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