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Wednesday 8th February

08-February-2012 21:30
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by Admin

Did not feel good when writing report yesterday and forgot to be happy that 25 done, first 1/4 out of the way, 1050 kilometres in 25 days! Today however is another day! Up at 6:30 after a bad night, shin hot and throbbing. Very worried, I checked out where the nearest hospital was, had breakfast and got ready to go. Unfortunately I have overdosed on pain killers without knowing! I have a stomach problem! No video or photo taken just wanted to get on with it. Only lasted 100m then it became impossible to put my foot to the floor, walking or running! Dad picked me up and took me straight to the Hospital. They saw me quickly and I thought all going well? Unfortunately not gone well! The pain killers have caused a few problems and the infection is beating the antibiotics because I am running everyday! They are now deciding whether to keep me in and stick me on a drip or let me go after they sort my foot out and get confirmation that I will not run until the shin infection goes, 3 to 5 days!! Waited an hour and the decision was to clean my foot up and let me go as long as the kidney test comes back ok and I do not have a temperature! All ok so foot got cleaned up, a touch painful! Long chat with doctor and nurse regarding what will happen if I do not get this under control and the effects of Ibuprofen overdosing, unfortunately already had 2 of the effects! They said I must take them to reduce all the swelling but only 3 per day instead of the 10 yesterday and average 7 per day over the last week or so! They were surprised I was not burning up but said that was probably down to my fitness level and more importantly, alcohol free! They wished me good luck for the rest of my challenge and I walked or rather shuffled off to the farmacia for more cream and what looked like iodine.

So sorry, I feel I have let everyone down, I am very disappointed but I cannot run this one off, it could seriously damage me or worse! I will have to re think what's going on, this was always a possibility/probability and the plan is that however many days I am stuck here I will add on in kilometres per day so I will catch up the distance over the next 42 days of running. A bit tougher but I have no choice, I like a challenge! Still 100 marathons 2620 miles in 100 days. Unfortunately we could not afford to have a big support crew to nurse me and spot these things early and dads eyes are not what they used to be! I am now lying on the floor with both legs up on a chair to aid recovery, it will all work itself out. We are now booked in a much cheaper hotel but actually nicer, in a place called Ofir, 13 miles up the coast from my next start point. Weather is fantastic today, a bit warmer than home I understand! I am obviously very low but trying to be positive, please keep spreading the word, we need more donations. Thank you for your continuing support, I will keep reports going, good thing about today, dad did not get lost.

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