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Saturday 7th April MARATHON 84

07-April-2012 22:39
in General
by Admin

7th April - Day 85. Massage not so soft! Legs felt great after but hip/glute felt sore. Mainly worked on my hamstrings, left one is worse. Nice cup of tea a kitkat and a honey and oat bar, teeth cleaned and in bed at 10:45. Took a while to go off but had a good sleep. Up with alarm at 6:20, feeling knackered, kitted up and out for my early morning run with Andy at 6:50. We set off towards the big, sky scrapper church, the opposite end of the bassin. We ran through a few side streets and we found life! A boulangerie smelling fantastic, we ran slowly past, taking in the small of fresh baked bread and on to the Church. Why? It was concrete, very square and very ugly! The construction and design of the many churches we have seen is beautiful and they are all so well maintained, no "save the church roof" appeals needed. Why build so ugly and out of keeping? The rest of the run was along the front and the same as yesterday, very pleasant but slow! Back to the Hotel, again overcast so no great sunrise! 10.56k complete in 1'07" Up, shower and down for breakfast. Another great, in size and quality, breakfast inc my porridge consumed, 15 minute chill and chat then back to the room to pack. Did not feel great again! Stomach a bit dodge and legs hurting, hip and hamstring top of the list. Took forever to get anything done, started getting annoyed with everything and everyone! Dad took Jamie off to load the van and Andy got to work on my hamstrings. A bit more range of movement gained, roller session complete, kitted up, blister on my left little toe is becoming a bigger problem! We eventually left the very nice hotel and set off in both vehicles to our proposed start point East of Fecamp. Drive took a while, I stiffened up and got more irritable! This is happening more often as the days go by, my mind and body want to stop! Quick stretch and video taken, tried ipod, did not work! Finally set off, without ipod, at gone 12:30 and not looking forward to running one bit! I headed east on the D150 through Colleville, a bit hilly and a fair head wind I pushed hard I think out of anger and found myself at 10k going through Valmont in 48 minutes seemingly without effort! I bobbed along still feeling angry but the kilometres passed quickly. Jamie joined in for 2 kilometres approaching half way, he wanted to run fast, so I kept pace and we knocked out the last few k up to half way. The head wind kicked in at Ourville-en-caux when I headed north and did not let up until I turned a bit south east on the D50 at Ouville. Jamie passing me my Shots and drinks, dad driving and Andy following. All good, I started to feel better about running today and bobbed along at a reasonable pace. A few sat nav issues and I took a right on the D89, with 10k to go I checked the watch and realised this could be a quick day! I took it Kilometre by kilometre and pushed hard for the last 5k, my legs did not want to move any quicker but my mind, heart, lungs and the thought of why I am doing this, forced them! I completed marathon 84 on day 85, just past Gremonville in a time of 3'24"37 Very pleased and a bit emotional! We found a spot to park up, it was overcast and very cold, so changed into sweats, orange consumed, very enjoyable still, we set off to find food and then on to Dieppe, our place to stay tonight

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