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Day 45 - Training Blog 7th February 2013

07-February-2013 22:34
in General
by Admin


Restful evening, well done England. Up with alarm at 5am, felt terrible, re set alarm for5:45. My aim was to do a 10k then meet Tonyat 6:45 for our nice steady morning run with the dogs. 10k got shelved, kitted up at 6amand applied the Vas to unfortunately still sore parts, very cold so loads of layers on and my hat. 15 minute warm up and light stretch, in the Truck with Tony and the dogs at 6:45. Very fresh and invigorating run through the woods, hands suffered a bit with the cold but my legs felt good after the first few minutes. All good, steady 6.5k complete in 39 minutes. Good stretch off and back home looking forward to the day, my afternoon deep tissue massage and workout with Joel and tonight's session with the running club. Now off for a coffee and Granola bar. Busy day, unfortunately too busy to get to my massage! Home late, quick change and off to the club. Set off with Guy, Matt, Vince, John and James. Everything hurt as I set off! A day sitting in meetings I think did not help along with missing my massage. Most pains eased off after a mile or so but my left hamstring/adductor started to tighten, here we go again. I did my best to keep a flow going hoping it would ease off, unfortunately it did not! Strange, it was better going up hill than down? Anyway, I kept going but was not able to keep with the group, Vince thankfully stayed with me and helped me back to complete the run. A very laboured and uncomfortable 10.73k complete in 47"04. Quick cup of tea, (no Jaffa Cakes!), at the club, leg got tighter, now back home applying the ice! Feels like I am falling apart! Still, got to keep on keeping on. Looking forward to our meeting with Teenage Cancer Trust tomorrow morning to go through all the stuff required to make this little run be the best it can be to raise as much money as possible. All good.


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