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Day 44 - Training Blog 6th February 2013

07-February-2013 10:46
in General
by Admin


Iced both calves and both knees up to midnight, very hot bath, too hot I am sure I was sweating under water! Good 5 hours sleep and up at 5:30. Calves felt ok but I did not fancy the morning run one bit. Took my time getting ready, went through my Tiger Balm and Voltarol routine and completed a very laboured warm up. 6:20am left for at least a half maratho...n. Very cold wind woke me up a bit and helped me get a decent training pace on to keep warm. Ran to Costa in Berko turned and ran back. The sleet made it a bit uncomfortable but the school boy error of forgetting to Vas up made the journey back a touch painful! Still, a good and steady 24k (14.5mile) morning run complete in 1'54", now starving! A good stretch off and warm down followed by a shower and the application of Sudocrem to cool the parts chafed due to no Vas! All good and on with the day. Busy day working, now home, knackered, dinner on the table, Ice on the legs, England Brazil on tv = no evening run!

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