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Day 39 - Training Blog 1st February 2013

07-February-2013 10:41
in General
by Admin


Leg sore and stiff from mammoth ice session last night. Did no exercise in the morning but kept moving all day. 5:45pm massaged in Tiger Balm to both calves, did a very gentle warm up, kit on, lots of it, compression socks and leggings, thermal top plus sweat shirt plus thin jacket and hi vis vest, also hat and gloves just to make sure I kept warm. All goo...d to go, I set off unsure how far I should go, most people would say I should not go at all! I need to work the calf if possible, I have not got the time to wait a few weeks to let things heal. If it does not feel like it is getting worse then I will plod along and see how it goes. Very steady pace with a very steady pain in my left calf, not shooting and no electric shock feelings so I kept on up to Kings Langley Station under the bridge, left up Langley Hill to the top of Abbotts High Street. Certainly not breaking any speed records but not shuffling and running with the correct motion. Some parts I had a bit more pain but no pings or twinges so I pushed on up to Bedmond then down back to Kings Langley past Bedmond Football Club. It did not feel like it was going to go but I knew it was there so protected it with a bit of a flat foot running action. All good up into the high street Kings langley then left past Oscar's, the Deli and the Saracens Head! I picked up a bit towards the end just to make me feel good and a very pleasing but unfortunately painful 10.1k complete in 48"05. A very good 15 minute stretch, calf raise and squat session complete, made me sweat a lot! Then off for a 2k cool down run. Calf knew it had worked but felt no worse, actually I would say a bit better. Now hot shower and back on the ice!

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