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Friday 6th April MARATHON 83

06-April-2012 21:19
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by Admin
6th April - Day 84. Good nights sleep but when I tried to get out of bed, every thing hurt! Still, it has to get worse before it gets better, why? Anyway, up, kitted up and out with Andy for my early run. I got a map from reception and headed off in search of the sea front. Pains everywhere, existing and new! Andy was ready to push on but my legs were not, it takes a good couple of kilometres to loos...en and get into any sort of flow. It was overcast but quite warm, the streets were quiet and nothing was open. Le Havre is a much bigger city than I thought, not that I have thought a lot about Le Havre but in my mind it was a holiday town! Far from it, we are staying in the Dockland area, very commercial but our hotel is at the head of a water basin facing west. This is a touch better than our last few accoms! We ran to the sea front after a few lefts and rights, ran slowly along a good cycle path, past the very large Marina, in front of some very large and some very nice apartment blocks. Chatting with Andy, the time and kilometres passed quickly. We ran to the most westerly part of the sea front. The beach is very much like brighton, very stony, with a very small pier! We reached the end at over 5k, turned and slowly headed back. The far end has some fantastic individual houses, one in particular is built of white stone with a domed copper roof and matching green railings, very art deco. Much busier now we made our way back to the Hotel, I was still struggling to get any sort of flow, I could tell Andy was concerned that I might not make it back to the hotel let alone run a marathon in a couple of hours! I managed it back after a good and enjoyable, flat morning run. Again no sun rise due to the weather! 10.27k completed in just over an hour, watch says 1'07"05 but I did not press stop when we finished and were chatting while stretching! Anyway, all good, back to the room, Jamie and dad were ready, quick shower and down for breakfast with my Scotts Porridge Oats under my arm. Chalk and cheese from yesterdays offering! Great choice of pastries, cereals, fresh fruit, cold meats, breads and what I have been missing lately, scrambled egg and bacon! They had sausage but they were chipolata sausage, not for me. They cooked my porridge, we all had a bit more of a catch up on what's been going on at home, Jamie told me about his golf, I will not be playing him! He shot 44 on the back 9 of Porters Park in a competition, then got cut! I played there once with Andy and let's leave it that I managed a few more shots than Jamie! He is 11! Back upstairs to the room, very well fed but feeling very stiff! Route planned as best we could, we aim to run as we did this morning with Jamie running a couple of kilometres along the cycle path with me, then I would head up the hill around the headland west then north up the coast trying to avoid the main road D940. It took me a while to get ready, not to get dressed, to get my body and mind ready! Roller completed and eventually ready to go. Weather had brightened up a lot and was warm out of the wind, quick video and I set off from the Hotel heading towards the ferry port, then west along to the marina, cycle path and seafront promenade. I set off quick as normal to get my legs going, a bit too quick, first 2k just over 8 minutes. Jamie joined me and ran 3k in just over 15 minutes! Very good Jamie. I headed up and out of the town, very steep and long, over 100m gain in under 2k! I pushed hard hoping it would level out for the rest of the run. It more or less did apart one sharp hill and one long slow climb. All going well with the lead vehicle, dad driving, Andy navigating and Jamie calling out instructions. Now out on the main road heading north with a force 9 headwind! Head down, arse up I cracked on. The kilometres passed quickly and I reached half way in 1'45! Surprised and felling ok I put my head down and pushed on into the wind. I think it was nice countryside but I did not look up a lot! Fortunately with about 12k to go we headed east then south east, away from the wind! The last section was 3k and wind assisted, I completed marathon 83 in a lovely village called Angerville-I'Orcher in 3'33'06 my fastest time, which was nice! We parked up in the centre of the village next to the church, out of the wind and in the sun. Quick video and orange consumed. Dad said it was our best finish point so far! Across the road there was a Boulangerie, they all went over while I got changed. We all sat on the grass, by the church in the sun and out of the wind, eating ham baguettes and a pan au chocolate, perfect! I agree with dad. A great 20 minutes spent in the sun then all in the van and back to Le Havre. We booked a 2 night stay for ease. Back to the room by 5pm! Andy got to work on my legs, much softer than last night, it felt great! All done, I fell asleep and woke at 6:30 to find everyone asleep! Andy went to his bag and gave me some money given to Louise by Carmen and Pimpo who work with louise at Aldenham school! They are Spanish and come from the City of Santiago do Campostela. They offered us accommodation with them, unfortunately our timings were slightly out and we missed them. Thank you for your very much appreciated donation. Everyone hungry but I still had lots to do, so they left me in peace to get on and they returned to the restaurant across the road. Washing done and report up to date. They returned with my Pizza, dad moaning his Lasagne was the worst he has ever had! Now about to get another, hopefully soft, leg massage from Andy. A long but good day.

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