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Thursday 5th April MARATHON 81 & 82

06-April-2012 10:19
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5th April
Day 83
I had a lovely soak in a hot bath for 15 minutes. I have been told its not good for what I am attempting but the shower did not work and I enjoyed it also my stretches after were much easier. I still cannot get ice from anywhere!! Anyway, broken sleep, with the odd pain and lorry trundling past my window! Up at 5:00 thought it was 6:00! Back to bed slept well and got up late at 6:45! Kit on and out. I wanted to catch up another marathon by today if possible but I think I have about 15k to do! Overcast and raining but not too cold. I set off with wooden legs, knees hurt and thighs were telling me they had done enough yesterday. Still, a nice level run this morning might get them tuned in for whatever comes later! I ran towards the church at the end of the village, took a right fork down a smaller road bobbed along for a bit, took another right down a even smaller road. I quite enjoy running in the rain but only for a short while. I have run one marathon, actually 31 miles, in a monsoon when training with Cliff, from Little venice to Kings Langley on the canal tow path. No fun! This area seems quite affluent, with a lot of horse trainers. I ran past at least 3 huge training facilities and some beautiful horses. I got a bit carried away, looked at my watch, 5.5k! I turned and ran back, not rushing but steady. No sunrise to see, too overcast, just a nice morning run. 11.07k in 1'15". Dad was waiting outside the hotel in his rain proof cagoule. He had been to the shops, bought milk and fresh bread and smuggled the cooker up to the room! He had our two bowls and saucepan from the van up his coat and was whispering to me! Another lorry trundled past as I said that I thought whispering was unnecessary! Back in the room, I tried to fix the shower head and tied the plunger on the mixer tap up so most of the water came out of the shower and not the tap and had a reasonable shower. Breakfast was fantastic, I sat on the bed and dad on the chair. Fresh croissants, fresh bread and of course Scottish Porridge Oats with Honey! Also a nice cup of English tea. PG! Well fed by 9:30, on with planning the route! Following yesterday and the hill, my main aim today was to avoid hills! Route planned starting from the hotel in Crevecoeur-en-Auge to Morainville-Jouveaux. Dad smuggled the cooker out, again whispering as he did so! Van packed up, me kitted up and ready to go by 11:30. Quick video, weather still not great but the rain had stopped, I set off at 11:45. Well planned route avoiding hills, within 300m I started to climb, 165m elevation in 2.7k! Legs shot, it remained level for a further 10k followed by a steep decent and another steep climb but thankfully not too long! Another one followed and bigger! I did not feel too good with 12k to go, a bit light headed and felt empty? I stopped for some food out of the van with 7k left to run. All we had was Brazil Nuts and raisins, I reluctantly took a handful and three Ciff shots and carried on. I stopped feeling light headed, which was good, but I got stomach cramps and felt very sick, which was not good! Just needed to bob along to the end and hope for no more hills. The weather had closed in again and the mist restricted visibility so I did not see the last hill! Sharp descent followed by a steeper climb that levelled out for the last 2k. Marathon 81 completed on day 83 in a time of 3'51"53. I felt very ill, so paced about a bit then decided to run on to try and get rid of the sickness and possibly complete another make up marathon. 3.05k complete in 17"18, another marathon caught up and also I felt better! Double bonus. Now hungry, dad made up peanut butter and Jam french stick rolls, perfect. I had my orange, dad and me had a hug and I apologised for stressing at him when I felt rough. The sun made a brief appearance and made things all good. Hotel in le Havre plugged in and off we went. Short journey, lots of traffic! Eventually arrived, met Andy and Jamie at the entrance, unloaded the van and up to the room. Dad and Jamie text each other regularly, over the last few days, when Jamie knew he was coming out to see us with his dad, texts have gone into overdrive! Dad really enjoys receiving texts from Jamie, his only grandson, but is not the best and certainly not the quickest text'r! Anyway all good, lots of catch up conversation then down to business! Jamie took Dad off for a walk and Andy got to work assessing me! Hamstrings have shortened, a few bursa's on the inside of the left knee are inflamed and solid and also on the outside of the right knee, hip joint is fine, problems in that area are all caused by tight hamstrings, glutes and IT band, left achilles area very inflamed, achilles appears ok but thickened, origins of both calves strained and have knots, both very inflamed as they enter the back of the knee, left thigh still very tight and restricted in movement from the earlier tear and left hamstring causing a problem in left lower back/glute, hamstrings are causing a restricted stride causing other problems, right ankle completely shot but I knew that from a scan before I started, other than that I am fine! Andy set to work, telling me he could not go deep as I am running tomorrow. I think I screamed at the first soft massage of my hip! It felt like a knife was being pushed into the muscle and between my pelvice and leg! This process carried on for what seemed hours but actually was about an hour! I hope the neighbouring room was empty! Final 15 minutes was more my type of treatment, ultrasound to the lumps on my knees. All done and I felt much worse and wondered why I had been counting down the hours to Andy's arrival! Feeling not great and time flying by, we all got changed and went across the road to the Pizzeria. Slight language barrier again but food ordered, mixed salad, ham and mushroom Pizza and Tagliatelli bolognase. Nice food, slow service. Still not feeling great we went back to the room and the day had disappeared! Still lots to catch up on with Jamie and Andy but now too late so I gave up and went to bed at 11:40. Good day overall, worried that I felt so ill towards the end of the run but very pleased to have completed marathon 81 and also caught up 82 so tomorrow marathon 83 on day 84!

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