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Monday 6th February MARATHON 24

06-February-2012 23:26
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by Admin

Very nice meal in the Hotel with great service. Foot however started throbbing and had to apply Savlon before bed and 3 or 4 times during the night. Up at 6:00 foot, ankle and shin swollen and stiff. I cannot see any signs of infection so I am assuming that the foot is still the blister hot spot problem and the ankle and shin are mechanical problems. Very concerned about today, it could be a long day! Prepared showered and down to breakfast by 7:30. Breakfast was good again they could not do enough for us. Paced up loaded van. RTL turned up just before 9:30 and filmed my dad the van, in, very messy, and out. Hotel management and staff were so helpful and encouraging including the maids. One of the maids spoke to me with tear in her eye, and said it was great that I was doing this for Cancer care, her husband had cancer and he was having treatment now. She asked me to sign an autograph for her young daughter. I did not know what to say and had a lump in my throat so struggled saying anything! Said our long goodbyes to all the staff at the Feradouro. Did a long interview with RTL and then set off, a little bit disorganised and a little bit late but all for good reasons. I did not know it at first but RTL followed me from the start, my left shin hurt from the first step to the last! I tried not to limp while they filmed for the first 4k! All good exposure, as soon as they waved and turned off I could resume my limp. I felt this was now being caused by my sore and probably infected blister! Anyway got into my stride and blocked the pain as much as possible and got to 10k in 56mins quick, due to filming not fluid easy running! We headed north on the N? road (map in the van)! Very busy but ok. I got beeped, waved at and clapped by loads of people in cars, lorry's and on pavements. They can't have a lot on tv but that helped a lot to keep me going, the pain was getting worse with every step! I needed distraction and that's what I got! Not by people encouraging, but by my dad and the sat nav guiding me very skilfully on to the Portuguese equivalent of the M1! I tried to explain to dad as calmly as I could that he could not drive at 10MPH next to me and I was not allowed to be on here! I sent him on at correct road speed and instructed him to get off the motorway at the next exit but make sure it was not onto a link to another motorway! So 7k later I came to the first exit that was a link to the main toll motorway to Porto and in the other direction Lisbon! After a few not too calm calls it was quickly established that dad had taken this exit! At this point I was getting beeped by lorries and cars but I suspect not for the same reason as before! I caught up with a very flustered and worried dad just off a blind bend on the link motorway parked on an area with no hard shoulder but he did have his hazards on! Unfortunately I had to stop the watch, jump in and navigate our way off the motorway system and back on the minor roads. Safely back on N roads and team talk complete, sat nav reset, I set off again with a very stiff and very sore left shin. The new route was not that kind to me, lots of cobbled streets and lots of small but steep inclines and declines! We had one more moment of panic where dad almost went back onto another motorway, as instructed by the sat nav, but apart from that, safely worked our way to just south of the bridges to Porto. Marathon distance in a very painful 4'30"00 iced shin immediately, jumped back in the van and pushed on to our destination of The British School in Foz, south west Porto. Apologised for being late then had a cup of tea with the head master Dave Butcher. I had an urge to wait outside his office on the black spot with my face against the wall as this was my position the last time I met a head master! The last time Dave and I met we were on the Greek Island of Poros, 16 years ago and we were certainly not drinking tea and not drinking lots of it! David so kindly offered, as a donation to our charity, to pay for our stay in the Hotel Boavista just by the school, which was nice and we keenly accepted. David also informed me that if it was ok with me I could stand up in assembly tomorrow at 9:00 and give a talk to all 400 pupils and teachers about our charity, which was also nice! I asked one favour and that was to direct me to the nearest Hospital! I explained my problem and his PA duly wrote out the directions. Said our farewells and off we went to the Hospital still in all my running kit. I found out that Portuguese hospitals are the same as ours, hardly anyone in the waiting room but a sign up saying min 1hr! I got to the hospital at 4:30, checked in and waited for well over 3 hours to be seen! Finally got asked through and sat down with a very nice lady doctor. I started to take my shoe and sock off with my leg on the table, the doctor was very keen to see it. I said it is not very nice but she said it is ok, I took my sock off she made a funny squeak pulled her hands away turned round and put on a pair of latex gloves! Anyway after checking me over she said I had an infection in my shin that came from my blister and I should take antibiotics and rest with my leg up for 3 days! She followed by saying, I know you can't do that as your running to london so keep it as cool as you can and do not miss a tablet! She then said that is why I jumped the queue, 3 hours wait and I jumped the queue! Found the Hotel, booked in and met Erik Browne from Radlet. Erik I met last summer in Luz and he knows my sister through school, he happened to be in Porto on business and asked if he could run with me tomorrow so I am looking forward to that. As well as making one of the biggest individual donations so far to our charity, he kindly took dad and me out to a great Italian his supplier took him to. Great company and great food. Now in our room, too hot for me just right for dad! Leg and foot not happy another tablet to take at midnight then one at 8am plus pain killers plus medicine to stop the pains in my stomach caused by the Antibiotics not getting on with the pain killers! Can't win. Hope ok to run tomorrow! End of a long and eventful day.

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