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Day 10 - Training Blog 3rd January 2013

06-January-2013 18:27
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Day 10 - Training Blog
3rd January 2013

Up at 5:45 struggled to walk! Thighs, glutes and hamstrings very sore and right hip area very tight. Planned to do 45 minute workout circuits, managed the warm up 15 mins! Out at 7:45 for a 10k run, again struggled, managed to do 3.5k with Karen, very slow and steady but enjoyable 20 minutes. Good stretch off and ready for my run. Felt empty and lower back was very tight, so got back in the truck and went home! Tough going at the moment, I think I can just get straight back into it but obviously I can't!

GV running club at 6:45pm so started warming up at home at 5:30. Lower right back hip and bum cheek very tight and painful. Managed a good half hour circuit session and felt more flexible. Got to running club, a bit too long between my warm up and starting running so felt very strange and not good when we set off. As soon as we got going and everyone got in their stride, I knew I was in trouble! Could not keep up after 1st kilometre, lower back very painful and I think with the new year has spurred a lot of the lads on to pick things up a bit and train hard and fast for the London Marathon! I would have turned back and called it a night but the clubhouse is locked until the group gets back! I did the best I could which was not a lot. The route was in and out all over the place so I soon lost the group. I headed in the general direction cutting off a lot of the planned route up to Warners End, towards Potten End, right to Gade Valley shops down and up to the Marchmont, Highfield, Adyfield, Bennetts End, Nash Mills and back to Boxmoor. I missed out a lot of the planned route, only occasionally seeing a part of the group fly past the road in front of me. I still managed 13.6k in 1'03" and still got back last by a good minute or two! Big weekend planned with possibly 2 races on Sunday, The Regents Park Hub 10k at 9am and the County Cross Country in Welwyn at 2pm, both now looking very doubtful! Back home, quick shower then flat out with ice pack on my right lower back. Panicking a bit about how tough this is and I think in some ways harder because I know what's coming. Still, head down arse up and get on with it. This is about raising awareness of Teenage Cancer and also lots of money to help Teenage Cancer Trust!

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