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Day 67 - Training Blog 1st March 2013

05-March-2013 8:52
in General
by Admin


Bad night, up at 5am gentle movement, kit on, Tony came at 6:30, dogs in the truck and off to the woods. Very steady start deteriorated into a very uncomfortable walk. Strange as it sounds but I enjoyed the fresh cold air and run walk with the dogs, Tony had a broken run but managed a lot further than my 2k covered in 23 minutes! Now back and getting ready for a ses...sion with Joel to work on my legs at 9:30, back permitting! Very painful session with very tight calves, hamstrings, glutes and quads! Dehydration was joel's diagnosis that caused the very tight muscles causing a very tight lower back! Too much coffee and no where near enough water! Drank water all day, struggled to get comfortable, iced through the evening, now off to bed and hoping for a better night. Two days without a run and I feel totally unfit! Hopefully will feel better tomorrow and much better Sunday, not giving up hope of running the Berko Half until the start!

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