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Day 66 - Training Blog 28th February 2013

05-March-2013 8:50
in General
by Admin


Legs ached through the night, up early legs still a bit stiff and heavy. Straight into work no time to run, two missed morning runs on the bounce! Busy day, feeling stiff so hot shower at 6pm then 30 minute warm up done. Felt much better, tiger balm and voltarol applied, kit on about to leave, bent across to pick up my keys and got a shot of pain across my lower... back! Felt ok after a few seconds so carried on, got in the van and it went again. Got to Boxmoor and felt strange, jogged to the club not feeling good but did not want to miss the session. We set off after our watches found a satellite, I lasted 500m and had to stop! Gingerly made my way back to the club, 1k covered in 8 minutes! Sweats back on and off home to ice and hope for the best. Now on my 3rd 15 minute ice session and depressed. I have to kick myself up the arse and remember the fight the kids I met on Tuesday have and how positive they are, I will cope and get on with it. Another 2 sessions then a bath, Voltarol and a good night and see what its like tomorrow, steady 10k planned at 6:30am.

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