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Monday 5th March MARATHON 45

05-March-2012 20:54
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by Admin

5th March. Day 52. Down to the cafe for dinner last night, we again were the only people in to eat but the atmosphere was welcoming and warm with a few locals sitting playing domino's. The eating area was through a small archway at the back, very clean and again warm. They had a full menu on, but we could not read it and they did not speak one word of English! Our fault not theirs, dad does not agree with me on that, every one should speak English! Ordered soup, made sure it was not fish, turned out to be chicken and noodle and very nice. I could make out from the menu, steak for 2 people cut up and served with potatoes and veg. Turned up more or less as ordered and all very good, veg though was red peppers but still very nice. Dad said he did not like peppers, he actually had never tried one and when he did he liked them, most of them! All good, we went back through the arch and sat on the tables by the big tv screen. There were about 5 locals sitting watching Real Madrid v Espanyol Barcelona. We plotted up ordered coffee and cake and watched the first half. Real scored, Ronaldo after 20 minutes followed just before half time by a goal from the number 6. Only one team in it. The kick off time for the Sunday match is 9:30pm, so at half time we called it a day and went to the room. Tried to get the internet working without success so I took the laptop down to reception. I met the owners daughter and her husband, both in running kit and tracksuits. I recognised her instantly, the place is full of press cutting of her winning races! She spoke reasonable English and I established she was a tri-athelete! Her husband was a marathon runner! They asked about my run, they had seen the van outside, realising I was in the presence of proper athletes, I explained my route and what it was in aid of. They understood a little I think! Anyway very nice people but they could not help me with my internet problem! Back to the room, exchanged the now dry washing on the radiators with wet, massaged and stretched my legs and in bed by 11:10, better time! Slept well, no coughing, dad had a bad bout of coughing most of yesterday, jumping in and out the van in the pouring rain was not the best thing for him. However no coughing during the night must be a good sign! Up at 6:30, ankles did not want to assist me in getting to the bathroom! Quick massage of achilles area and shin muscle on both legs, kit on and out for my morning run at 7:20. Beautiful morning, not raining but with scattered clouds, I did not feel up to much so aimed for a few kilometres. I ran west to the edge of yet another village, this one much smaller, much quieter, not a lorry in sight and much nicer than all the others. I had a great run, very slow, round the village and now that it was not raining, I could see we were only a few hundred yards from the sea in a very pretty village nestled at the foot of a very large mountain. Hotel-Restaurant Casa Fernando looks to be the only establishment open in Ballota. Back to Fernando's at 8am, 4.2k complete and ankles felt a tiny bit looser. The owner, I assume Fernando, was busy setting up the cafe bar area, the smell of fresh baked bread and coffee wafted out as he opened the door to let me through, heaven! Up to the room quick shower and back down for breakfast. I avoided the temptation of the coffee but made up for that with fresh baguettes toasted with loads of butter and jam and a nice pot of tea. The owners daughter walked in and Fernando introduced her to dad, it was then we established she was no ordinary athlete, she is Spain's number one and World Amateur Triathlon Champion! Quick chat and a few photos taken and off she went to swimming training. Her name is Beatriz Tenreiro, not professional but a world champion non the less! Anyway now full, on perhaps not the right food, we headed back to the room feeling good about everything. The sun was making an appearance which always cheered dad up! Packed, prepared, paid and ready to leave by 10:40. As we were leaving Beatriz returned from training. We had a few photos and exchanged cards, I think she said she would like to run 10k with me but I am not sure? Any way we said our goodbye's and off we went to the finish of yesterday run in Santa Marina a few kilometres east. Dad said that was the best accommodation we have stayed in! I might agree. Quick video taken and off I went at 11:35. Left calf and achilles caused most problems over the first 5k, down a very steep winding road and back up out of the valley the other sid, so much for avoiding hills! Not shown on the map the N-632 and N-632a weaves either side, underneath and along side the A8 motorway. Unbelievably hilly but with stunning views through Soto de Luina and inland to S. Martin de Luina. Soon after we passed back under another amazing viaduct we re joined the main road and ran through to the completion of the marathon distance on a main road/duel carriageway just before the exit to Salinas. Dad could not stop so I carried on and met up on the slipway. Right knee and right hip are now 2nd and 3rd on the pain top 10, trailing right shin muscle in 2nd and still at number 1 for the 7th day running is the left Soleus/Achilles/lower calf! Elevation gain today was 825m and Elevation Loss was 926m! Anyway another marathon complete in 4'16"22. Still cannot run comfortably so everything hurts more! If I could get over the top 2 pains I think the others would not occur, something else would no doubt come along though! Anyway we went to Salinas to find a farmacia, a coffee and accommodation, in that order. First two sorted but there were no hotels in the place that had room! Only Hotel was at the back of a petrol station and was apparently full. Not a great place we headed out. Very industrial area and sat nav picked up no Hotels! We decided to drive on to Gijon, find good accommodation and stay for 2 nights. We would drive back and run to Gijon tomorrow. No luck, did not get to grips with Gijon, one hotel wanted 140 Euros for one night and was not good! Long one short we are now happily booked in a Hotel in Candas, north west of Gijon. 3 star, very nice and very cheap. Another day done, dad is asleep with his headphones on again, about to wake him and go to dinner. All in all a good day.

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