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Day 13 - Marathon 13 - 4th April 2013

04-April-2013 23:58
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Day 13 4th April 2013, Darley Dale to The Nottingham City Hospital

Terrible night, up at 7am struggling to move, general aches due to yesterday plus back of left knee big problem! Could not do warm up, down to breakfast, bowl of porridge, packed up, loaded van and left. Thanks to The Kenwood Hall and Essential, you are keeping me together! Quick drive to Darley Dale and the start of marathon 13 to Nottingham City Hospital. Not a bad day, not as bright as yesterday but still with a freezing wind! First few kilometres hobbled but the sun came out and the route was through villages and along the banks of a river. 5k in and left knee loosening, warming up and head wind gone! All going well I approached the centre of a village. I saw a blind lady crossing the road at a set of lights. I approached as she turned up the road to come towards me, I moved to my right as far as I could to give her as much room as possible. She made a move towards me and put her left arm out with her white stick and managed to get it just in front of me and my side of the lamppost just in front of me to my right! Long one short, I took out a blind lady! The stick went across my stomach caught the post and took her backwards in my direction! The stick has a loop attached to the hand, great to stop the stick being knocked out or dropped, bad if you manage to get it between a runner and a lamp post! I caught her as she flew backward screaming, managing to stop before the stick broke and before we both hit the deck! I apologised and tried to explain what happened, the lady was very good about it, she said the post was her marker to know which way to go, but she found the incident funny. I left after she assured me she was ok and on I went, worried but smiling about how funny it must have looked for the drivers of the queuing traffic at the lights! The next 5k was quite nice still through villages on the A6 to Ambergate then left on the A610 to Ripley. Head wind back, sun gone and traffic heavier! Still ok getting the odd spell of wind relief from the twisting roads. This all changed just before Codnor! Duel carriageway, no buildings and strong cold head wind! This lasted for I think 12 miles. The worst part of any run so far, I had lorry's passing me with inches to spare and covering me in dust, I had Police bibbing and flashing me! This is the closest I have come to giving up! I could not change course as dad was on the other side and keeping ahead, stopping only occasionally where he could! It is difficult to know what type of A road is ahead on the sat nav! Still marathon 13 completed just outside the Nottingham City Hospital in a run of two half's time of 3'29"29 with a black circle of road dust round my mouth and in my eyes! Great reception from Teenage Cancer Trusts Donna Young. Quick finish video, a few pictures and lovely cup of tea. Unfortunately I could not get to the ward but as I am starting here tomorrow and hope to see it then. Back in the van and on our way to Eastwood Hall where I was meeting Andy Gall, Premier Osteopathy. Andy drove up from Aldenham to treat me, which was nice, I also had a call that I had a live radio interview on BBC Radio Nottingham at 5:10pm which was also good but not for my treatment, sods law! Quick shower 30 minute session including acupuncture, felt great but needed more, clothes on and back into Nottingham for the radio. All good, I hope I got the message across and very grateful for the opportunity. Back to the Hotel and straight in for dinner. Due to rushing around I had not eaten since finishing. Fuelled up, met some nice lads from London that are working in the area. Bucket of ice in hand and back to the room, good ice session on all areas, back of left knee particularly, cup of tea and now to bed. Thanks to today's shirt sponsor, Affinity Villas. Once again very generous and very appreciated, might see you on the south coast? Well another amazing day chalked off, legs are really struggling but I hope mainly from fatigue not injury!

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