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Wednesday 4th April MARATHON 80

04-April-2012 22:41
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4th April
Day 82
Down to the bar for food. Couple of lads that were sitting outside having a beer in the sun when we arrived were at the bar in the corner looking a bit worse for wear! We sat in a very cosy (small) booth with nice padded benches, "the best seats we have sat on so far"! I actually said that not dad, my loss of weight has resulted in a smaller bum with less padding! The owner served us, he spoke reasonable English, I ignored the menu and asked for Pasta and Chicken. No pasta but they had rice! Meal ordered with a salad to start and a side of chips. Dad and I people watched for a bit, mostly people who had, had a few, nice place! Food turned up, all good fruit salad to finish and back to the room. A good 40 minute stretch session but hip did not feel as good as earlier! No time to wash clothes so, in another strange bed by 11:45, in another, not so nice place! Ok sleep, hip woke me a fair bit and up at 6;20 after one hit of the snooze, kitted up and out for my morning town run at 6:50. Cold and raining! Must be getting close to England. I ran west on the flatest road I could see, past a few shops and houses, out past a factory and into the country. Nothing remarkable to report, I ran to a village called La Lande-Patry turned and ran back east. No sun rise, too overcast! I still enjoyed the early run but I am looking forward to not having to do it, hopefully by the 12th! 9.45k complete in 1'03"16. Back to the hotel, dad not feeling good, pain in his shin! Quick shower and down to the bar for breakfast. Fortunately the lads were not still there, we had an ok breakfast and of course got my porridge cooked. HeartFM Watford called and I did a very quick phone interview, I hope it came across ok? All good exposure for our cause! Back to the room planned today's route, packed paid and left the Hotel at 11:00. Quick drive out of the busy centre to our start point in the back streets of Flers, looked a bit like Coronation Street! Quick video and off at 11:40. All felt bad, legs, hips and stomach! All up hill for the first 3k through the streets and out into the countryside. A lot of traffic to start but it soon thinned out to just the odd vehicle. My mind was again all over the place, worrying and thinking about all sorts of things. I ran up the D25, through Athis-de-I'Orne to Pont-d'Ouilly. Mostly fairly level with the odd hill thrown in and nice scenery. A short section on the main road D551 then left onto the D23. We kept on this road to our completion in Bretteville-s-Laize. This road however was far from level or straight! At 14k I was heading for a sub 3'30, not too many hills. I got to 21k in 1'45" a fair few more hills. At 21k I started to climb at 26k it started to level off and my legs were finished! Fortunately most of the run from 26k to the finish was level or down hill. I completed marathon 80 on day 82 in 3'46"15. Dad could not park at the finish so he drove on to the village and I ran in and completed a further 1.28k. Very pleased another marathon complete but disappointed my legs had nothing after the big hill! Hamstrings and knees hurt the most today with only a late on pain having a go at my right bum cheek! Weather was still not great so changed quick into sweats , had my orange, which by the way is not losing its appeal and still hits the mark! Great baguette enjoyed while sitting in the van with the doors closed! Accommodation not pre booked so we set off looking. Still not at the coast so no campsites around and also no hotels! We drove to the edge of Caen, massive town, headed east on the D613 in search of a smaller town but with Hotels! Long one short, got a call from the office, they booked a hotel in Crevecoeur-en-Auge. Not too far we found the hotel just before 6pm, finished run well before 4pm! Hotel shut, reception opens at 6:30pm! Not cheap, we were looking forward to a bit of luxury. Hotel worse than last night, room much smaller, electric blow heater and no wifi! Disaster! Still it was a room and I, in fact we were both shattered. I get waves of no energy at all, all I can do is sleep? I had a wave and dosed for 20 minutes. Woke up, now late and very hungry. Report not done and still no shower had! We both agreed to eat first. Off to the in house restaurant, unbelievably expensive menu but the food and the place were both fantastic. Pate to start followed by the best Beef Bogingnion I have ever had! Dad had the best Omelette and potatoes he has ever had! Well fed back to the room to get things done! Dad did washing and now in bed, I am doing this then bath and stretch followed by treating my feet. I have 2 small blisters, one on my left little toe and the other on the side of my right big toe! Dad helped by telling me that blisters are normally caused by rubbing! Goodnight.

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