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Sunday 4th March MARATHON 44

04-March-2012 21:56
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by Admin

4th March, Day 51, Last nights food was the worst so far! We were the only people in, only a couple of things on the menu. Had the soup but could not touch the roasted/boiled lamb, I do not know what part of the lamb, it smelt rancid! Filled up on bread and butter, then out to the van to find something to fill me up. Found 2 breakfast bars and some biscuits! After yesterday I need to take on about 5500 calories, not achievable today. Anyway back to the room, massaged my legs and got on with the washing. Good thing about this place is it has 3 decent size radiators. All done and to bed by 11:30 too late! Got up at 6:15 after a very good nights sleep, dad did not cough once, the bed was very firm and comfortable and the room stayed warm all night! I had been called by Radio5live on Friday, they wanted to do a phone interview this morning. The last was cancelled due to Whitney! I kitted up and went downstairs at 6:45 to have a quick run before the radio thing at 7:45. I got to the front door and it was locked! No one around I walked down every corridor to try and find a way out or a person to let me out! No joy I went into the tv lounge, it  was on but no sound. I did some stretches and watched tv, at 7:45 the phone rang it was 5live. No interview today, Polish train crash and someone got shot overnight! I do not know who? Anyway no interview and no run! Back to the room for a shower. Breakfast at 8:30, was not good, packet biscuits and milky tea! I got a bowl from the van along with the last oat breakfast bar and a banana and some fruit and fibre cereal! Can't wait to get out of here, the route today however does not look good, it looks on the map that the only way is on motorways! The weather is very overcast, windy and raining. We have started to bicker, our spirits are very low. We should feel good, today is the start of more done than to do! My legs are very sore and my left calf is not good at all, oh and the route is very hilly! Let's just get on. Packed up quick, dad went to pay but cards would not work! Paid cash, more or less took our cash kitty, photo outside to remind us how poor it was and we left to go back 6k to the finish of yesterday. Weather was getting worse, the sky became very black! Quick video being taken and the heavens opened! Back in the van, quick repositioning of the van by a building for shelter and out I got and set for the off. Rain top and hat on I set off. The rain fortunately was blowing in my back, very wet but helped me along. I ran east on the N-634 down a valley and up the other side, first test of the calf's. All ok, I ran past the Transport cafe and on down a very long, straight and busy road. The road turned to motorway and we took the local road to Luarca. This was a very nice, very quiet road that dropped quite steeply at times until we reached the sea front town, nestled very nicely in a steep sided valley. A bit tricky getting through the one way roads down narrow cobbled streets and over a small bridge to the exit road. Second test for the calf's! Very steep cobbled road cut into the cliff rising out of the town and round the headland. Tough going but no major problems, it levelled out after a couple of kilometres through a place called Almuna. A few hills followed but ok through to a very small place called Barcia. The motorway ran elevated but more or less parallel with our road. I then started to run down a very winding road, the motorway rose on a viaduct across the valley, spectacular, looking from below you appreciate it more. Legs still ok but the rain got worse, we followed the very hilly and winding road to Canero, great scenery, very steep drops from the road edge. I could not see alot due to the rain now seemingly permanently in my face! I stopped just over half way for a quick loo break and to check with dad that we both knew where we were going. All good I carried on and sent dad 2 miles ahead unless a major junction appeared. Downhill at this point my knees were feeling it and I struggled to get warm from the stop. The rain jacket proved not too waterproof, I was soaked to the skin! Major junction came up, no sign of dad! I tried to call but he was engaged, I tried several times more without luck! I then rang my mum and her phone was engaged too! I assumed dad had followed the sat nav, pulled over and thought good time for a chat with mum, so I cracked on up the very steep road on the N-632. The hill was long, it made its way round the mountain and up to the level of the motorway. I had not seen dad now for over 5k, when I reached the top I realised my assumption was wrong! I called and dad answered quite calmly asking where I was, I explained calmly, dad panicked but not too bad, I explained where I think he may have gone wrong and why, explained again what the sat nav was there for and asked him to follow it to my position. I continued to run round 2 roundabouts either side of the motorway until dad finally arrived! All calm we set off following the sat nav on the N-632, all very quiet roads but it was still persisting down with rain! After another load of hills I completed the marathon distance just past Santa Marina in a time of 4'24"33? Plus the stop. Very wet and from knees down very tight and painful! Still another marathon complete. Dad had pulled into a side road and unlike the previous finishes, I got in and out of my wet clothes and sheltered from the still persisting down rain! Changed I got out and the rain stopped! Quick video, orange and off to a Hotel dad spotted a few kilometres back in a little place called Ballota? Parked up and walked in, instantly a good atmosphere, very warm and full of locals. They had a room, very cheap so booked in, 1 star but much better than last nights 3 star. Quick coffee, unloaded our bags in the room, basic but nice, and about to have a shower. Got all electrical's out, set up laptop and put all equipment on charge. It was at this point I realised I left my watch charger in the previous accommodation! My turn to panic, no charger, no watch, no record of runs, no point carrying on! I got in the van, broke most of the speed limits and got back to the Transport Cafe in no time, walked through the door with a panicked look on my face and went to the desk. Big smile from the owner and he passed me the charger! He then spoke to me for a good couple of minutes, I did not have a clue what he was saying so kept nodding and motioning towards the door. I finally left with him still talking but I think saying goodbye or you silly English fool or something. Back in the van, back on the motorway and back in the room within 40 minutes! All now good, showered and all equipment on charge. Dad has now written out a check list, good idea but we now can't find it! Going down to eat now, hope better than last night!

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