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Saturday 4th February MARATHON 22

04-February-2012 19:04
in General
by Admin

 What a night! Great people but the Tent/Gazebo was a bit chilli! We wrapped up went to bed early. Woke at 6:00 too cold to get up so stayed in bed until 7:00 Regretted that sleep in!

Walked to the shower block that was freezing and had a very hot shower, the campsite owner put the hot water on just for us! They really were nice people. Had porridge and honey, portions worked out correctly this time so none left over. Packed up badly and loaded the van, could not find anything, argued about who's fault it was that we were running late. I went to the loo leaving dad to pack up "The Cooker" and returned to find him boiling some eggs! A brief revisit of the blame conversation ensued, packed the van and started on our way. As we were leaving the lady from the office came out, I thought she was going to have a go about the cooker, and handed back our money! They had looked at our web site and said we did not have to pay! As I said very nice people, thank you.

Off to the start point, approximately 5 miles south of Praia de Mira, not feeling great, our good spirits last night had evaporated this morning. Got to the start 20 minutes late! I think on top of a cold night, the SICTV filming was making me edgy. I did not want to be filmed while limping as I was in the last 10k as yesterday! Anyway a few more cross words and I set off just before 10:00 First 6k was on very rough roads and took my concentration and mind away from my foot and sore legs! Got to 10k, felt quite good, in 59 minutes. Ran towards Praia de Mira and up on a very flat local road through Gafanaha do Areao, Gafanha da Boa Hora to Vagueira, all very small and quaint. We headed east towards Vagos to try and meet up with the SIC film crew! Our sat nav had other ideas and tuned us left, north, up the local road and not the N109 as discussed with SIC! I managed to email a quick one liner while running to Paulo Ravara from SIC to describe our new direction, it worked and we met up with the crew just before Ilhavo with about 10k to go. Pain started with 14k to go but nothing seized up! It is surprising how you forget the pain when you have a camera in your face and the run in went very quickly and relatively pain free! Quite enjoyed being followed or led by them. Very nice run, completed marathon distance in the canal area of Aveiro in a time of 4'06"25! A good time although I think a lot to do with flat route and the cameras!

After doing a quick filmed interview, very strange, in a very busy road next to one of the canals that Aveiro is famous for, a couple of lady's came up and asked what we were doing, they were both English and very pleasant. We explained and talked through our route over the next few days. They lived in Porto and worked as teachers, I said we hoped to meet up with a friend of my sister and brother in law who lived and worked in Porto, they asked who it was and joked they may know him, as you do! I said Dave Butcher and they could not believe it, he was the Head Master of their school! Small world! Anyway after a conversation with them both and Dave on the phone I agreed of course to call in at their school on Tuesday, which was nice!
Also a donation made, even better!

Again the weather was great, we were in a great spot in a lovely town, all we needed was good accommodation! We parked the van properly and looked for a cafe for a bite to eat. We parked outside a nice hotel and decided to look in! Booked straight in, now showered and warm and waiting for ice for my bath! Looking forward to a good meal tonight. Spot on. Left foot seems a bit better and although right hamstring and left thigh stiff and sore they are not too bad! 22 marathons in 22 days.

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