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Day 12 - Marathon 12 - 3rd April 2013

03-April-2013 21:24
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Day 12 3rd April 2013 Disley to the Hallamshire Hospital Sheffield

Great nights sleep, no more strange noises. Behind left knee is now a real problem, struggling to straighten leg. Up late no Gym so Joel warm up in room complete, shower and down for breakfast. Back to struggling to eat! Could not eat more than 2 spoons of porridge, so went for 2 toast, a few beans a sausage and an egg and 2 cups of very weak tea. Back to the very big room, pack up, worked hard to get my calves and both shins loose and warm with the help of a bit of Tiger. Checked out of the very nice Palace Hotel Manchester. Thanks again to Essential. Brilliant blue skies and very bright sunshine but a freezing easterly wind! Quite a walk to the van and legs felt good. In the van and off to our start point in New Mills just East of Disley, about 35 minutes away. Got out legs seized up again!!! 10 minutes trying to get them going again with partial success, quick video and off we went at 10:40. The wind was strong, freezing and head on! The mountains loomed ahead but the first 4k was slightly down hill but unfortunately mainly on a duel carriageway the A6. We turned left onto a single track road at Chapel en le Firth. The climb started and lasted nearly 7k with a rise of 273m with an unbelievable head wind. I ran past a farmer putting food out for his sheep and Heffer's, I was working as hard as I could and was getting nowhere, he looked at me and shook his head, rubbed his hands together then drove off on his quad bike. At the top it levelled out and the wind was stronger! I had to fight to run on the flat and also the slight down hills! Dad could not stop that often but he stopped in a car park with fantastic views. He had walked to the edge so he could see me approaching, a great photo opportunity! Dad left the camera in the van nearly 100m away! Moment lost, opinions on when to take photos exchanged as I ran past and started the descent into Hope Valley. What a descent, 228m in just over a kilometre! Stunning views and scary steep but with an unbelievable strong head wind. It was like running down a black ski run and having to work hard to get anywhere. At the bottom the wind eased and I had a very nice run through the Hope Valley before an even steeper and longer climb of 270m in 4k. Now snow everywhere with 4ft drifts either side cut through by a snow plough. Head down, short strides and the toughest climb I have ever done. I spotted a cyclist ahead struggling with the gradient, I set him as a target and took him 600m from the top! All good, legs holding out, injuries ignored due to task in hand, slower than normal but very pleased to complete the marathon 42.21k at the entrance to the Hallamshire Childrens Hospital, joined for the last, not quite, mile by Abby from Teenage Cancer Trust in a time of 3'42"35 the wind was still unbelievably strong and the main entrance was a sort of tunnel that was blowing everyone all over the shop, played havoc with the barnet! All good, dad parked and inside to warm up a bit. We exchanged introductions and pleasantries and made our way to the ward. A quick visit due to it being the busiest ward we have visited by far. Blown away again by their work, quick few photo's taken, one with my paper samurai hat on supplied by Abby! And we left them to their work. This is unbelievably tough but it is a privilege to get to meet so many great people. Back in the van, 1.8miles to Kenwood Hall on the southern outskirts of Sheffield. Very nice place, unloaded the seemingly heavier bags and checked in. Quick shower and down for food and coffee. Thankfully I was starving and did not feel sick at all. Not assuming that phase is over but a good sign. Back to the room and me and dad promptly fell asleep. An hour past and we both woke and decided on a cup of tea and to get the washing done early. Dad turned to radiator on high ready to dry the kit. Two minutes later the fire alarm went off! Dad panicked and thought it was caused by him turning the rad up as it was under the alarm speaker! We went out to the corridor to see if it was a drill, it was not so had to grab valuables, Garmin and Cameras, and out to the car park! Ten minutes later the alarm stopped and we were allowed back in with no explanation! The staff said they would explain it all later? Now back in the room icing generally everything but mostly on the back of my left knee and top of calf! With dad watching Real Madrid and Galatasaray. It will take a lot to persuade him to go down for dinner! I think today was the most rewarding as far as running goes, the very tough route, great scenery and a good amount of arguing with dad! Thanks to today's shirt sponsor, Emson Corporate Services, our insurance brokers, very generous and very appreciated. Day 12 complete 18 to go. Please look at Framework Foundation and Teenage cancer Trust web sites and donate if you can. Time for dinner!

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