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Tuesday 3rd April MARATHON 79

03-April-2012 21:32
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by Admin

3rd April - Day 81. Last night, washing done and spread around the 4 radiators, a record I think? Good stretching session carried out of hip, lower back and hamstrings and in bed by midnight. I did not do any icing, too scared to venture down to the freezer in the basement behind the kitchen, at that time of night! Up at 6:20, kitted up and out on my run by 6:50. Headed North west, another early morning run through lanes, countryside and farms. I headed back to see the sun rising in the east over another town, this one called Denis! Back to the commune, 9.12k run in 1'03"08. Quick shower and down to breakfast. Strange mob at breakfast, a father and two sons, looked like pirates! The couple that sat with us in the kitchen last night and a group of builders finished and left in a hurry as we entered. I cooked my porridge and enjoyed the croissants and french bread and a nice cup of tea. I really fancy some eggs soon. Back to the room, limping now with this tight hip, to pack kit up and try to stretch my IT band! Did as best I could, loaded the van and left Chattau Bourge and the village called Denis! We had a quick drive to the start point of today's run in Landivy. Very nice morning, not too windy, not too hot. Our route was again cross country through as many small roads and lanes as possible, and ending near Flers. On the map it looks like we could encounter hills! Make a change. Quick video and away at 11:40 heading west on lovely twisting and undulating lanes through farmyards and farmland. The only traffic at first was a little yellow postal van buzzing around all the farms. My legs settled down and after 4k no real hip pain, which was good. Dad was stopping at every lane change to make sure I followed, all going well, dad said it was one road now for a good few miles and went ahead. I first noticed the two birds of prey as one just missed me! Coming from behind, I did not hear it until it passed just over my head, inches over my head! I looked at the enormous bird as it soared up into the sun and I carried on. The next thing I knew, something hit me hard on the head from behind, knocking me forward. I regained my balance and saw the bird disappearing into the sun again. Stunned, I followed the bird with my eyes and got hit on the arm, near my watch, by the other bird! I could not believe I had just been attacked by two birds of prey, I assumed they must have thought I was some sort of food, found out I was not and disappeared? No such luck, they both hit me more or less at the same time, one again on my forearm sleeve by my watch and the other on the head! I did not hear them until they had hit me. At this point I thought I would make the national press, not to raise the profile of the charity but as the first man to be pecked to death by two wild birds of prey in the middle of France! They would not leave me alone, I kept running but watching them constantly as they dived at me, getting within inches each time with me flailing my arms around. It seemed like ten minutes, but it was probably just over a minute, plenty long enough! I have never been so pleased to see a dust cart lorry coming down the lane behind me, the driver and his two mates had seen the last bit of the attack and although in French, I understood they could not believe what they had seen! The birds flew high up and circled, as I carried on out of their patch, I assume. The driver pointed to my head, I put my hand on my head and felt blood! I waved saying I was ok and off they went. I kept an eye behind me for a good few minutes then cracked on. As far fetched as that seems, it is the truth! I caught up with dad, tried to explain but he did not really get it, so I carried on. I got back into my stride, looked at my watch, not fast but I had passed 10k! All good I bobbed along thinking the stretching last night and this morning must be helping as I had no major pain in that area. I ran down a hill into a village called Buais and there was dad leaning on a garden wall having a chat? Not that strange, dad will talk to anyone weather they speak English or not! These people however were English and were talking about our van and the charity. Turns out they run a Cancer Charity for ex-Pats in France! All good they clapped and shouted encouragement as I went by, this has not happened for a long time, actually never in France! It gave me a good feeling and a boost. We hit the main road D976 for a while, actually ok, not too much traffic, then turned left onto the D32. The rest of the route was on lovely country lanes again through the, quite steep at times, hills of the national parc. We went through Barenton, Beauchene and completion just before Larchamp. Marathon 79 on day 81 complete in 3'48"35. Pleasing to run without the restricting pain that I have recently. A bit cloudy now, I changed quickly, had my orange and ate my huge ham, tomato and cheese baguette. I then explained to dad what happened with the birds, showed him my head, he could not believe it but I had 5 fairly deep scratches on my head from the birds talons! Antiseptic wipe out and area cleaned and savlon applied, I think I will live! Back in the van and off to our 2* Hotel in Flers. Quite a big town, we are in the centre by the huge church. Not the best Hotel! Room ok, very small but clean and I like the noise of the people and traffic, dad does not! All areas iced, quick shower now we are going to find food. For the first time in france we found hills, 559m climb 499m decent!

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