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Friday 2nd March MARATHON 41

02-March-2012 20:31
in General
by Admin

Hotel restaurant last night, very nice, place was packed with locals, great atmosphere, great starter mixed salad and Calamari. Dad said he did not like calamari then proceeded to eat most of it and say it was the best he ever tasted! Main course mixed fish, not good! Back to the room and in bed by 11:00. Slept well, up with alarm at 6:15 got ready to run, decided on no strapping to see if it was any worse. Left hotel at 6:55 same route as yesterday. All felt sore, achilles area very tight, right shin restricting! Basically all felt wrong, however no worse than yesterday and no worse without strapping. I reached the end of the road, felt ok so I carried on down the main road for a bit. Traffic was murder and not 7:30 yet! Turned at 4k and ran very slowly back to the Palace Hotel. They should not be allowed to name the Hotel's with a descriptive name if they are not what the name says. I did see another sign for a Hotel along the high street. I took a picture, it was called Canabal Hotel! Hope that's not as it sounds! Anyway it made me smile, I took a photo and got back to the Hotel in a good mood. Slow 8k, 60 minutes, but another 8k towards the make up. Back to the room dad up and ready, he had got some milk from the Cafe so we had our cereal in the room with a nice cup of PG then went down for our Croissant. Showered, packed, paid, loaded the van and away by 10:15. No strapping done and away much quicker. Quick drive out of the back streets and we pulled over at the edge of town. Not a bad spot, on the main road but overlooking the sea. Quick video done and away I went at 10:45. Team talk done and route planned, we intended to go to the end of the high street, turn left on the N642 (sea on the left for dads benefit) past the town of Foz and to a place called San Cosme. I ran very slowly, but I ran along the very busy N642, no views of anything apart from lorry's getting a touch too close! At San Cosme, around 19k, we turned left on the local road to the coast. On the map it looked a nice route along the sea for about 15, it did not disappoint! I was ready to stop when I reached the left turn off the main road, every part of my lower legs hurt but my main injuries were there but not any worse. I ran towards the sea, turned right and ran along the coastal road, the sun was now out and hot, still a bit hazy though. The scenery was stunningly fantastic. We went through farms that ran to the beaches and cliffs, we went down to sea level and ran on the road but next to the sand, we ran through Benquerencia, along past Praia Os Castro, Punta Corveira and through a beautiful little place called Rinlo. Dad took lots of video and pictures, I hope it was turned on! Anyway the views helped the pain and with 8k left to run we rejoined the N642 and headed for our destination of Ribadeo through a little strange main road village called Vilaframil. The main road was back to running the gauntlet with the lorry's but we soon reached Ribadeo. As we entered dad stopped at a petrol station to get ice for my legs, I pushed on into town and back out to meet dad back at the station. All went well and finished the marathon distance without a crossed word in a slow but pleasing 4'38"41. My legs generally hurt but nothing biting! Dad put the Ice into big yellow bucket with water from the fridge, cleaned feet and applied iodine then stood in the ice bucket shin deep, by far the most pain I have been in all day! I did my best but only managed 4 goes, the longest being just over a minute! Anyway iced my knees, had my orange, got changed out of my wet kit and felt great! Dad looked at my legs and gave judgment, "They are going to get worse or they are going to get better" Never a truer word spoken!

Both in a great mood, even though dads bronchitis seems a bit worse, he said he is in the middle of it now and he always struggles for a day or two!  We headed to a lovely little cafe I ran past earlier in the middle of town. Great little setting we sat in the sun and had coffee and a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, perfect. We sat for a while watching the sun go down behind the old buildings then set off to find accommodation. Within 50 yards was a 3 star Hotel, it was a little period building recently renovated, worth a look. Amazing, very cheap and like a boutique hotel in London! Dad likened it to a hotel in Agatha Christie's Poiro? Booked in, up to the room, first floor with full height opening windows with juliet balconies over looking the main street and the school opposite. It truly is unbelievably nice. I do not think there are too many people staying here, how do they survive? Anyway it is called Casona de Lazurtegui Hotel. Well worth a visit if anyone finds themselves in this part of the world, do not know why you would but I thought worth a recommendation. Now showered, dad asleep listening to I do not know what on his CD player! The Hotel has recommended 3 good restaurants close by as the Hotel does not have a restaurant itself. Pleased to be back running and fingers crossed for tomorrow! 

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