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Thursday 2nd February MARATHON 20

02-February-2012 22:04
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by Admin

524 miles (840 kilometres)

Had a great steak, salad and potatoes followed by hot apple tart and ice cream   in the restaurant last night and felt much better, dad had fish the best he has ever had! Back to the room, dad went straight to bed and I carried on icing my swollen foot, ankle and my new problem, a tight and sore lower right hamstring!

Up at 6:00 after a good nights sleep only interrupted by the recurring thought that I had to do another marathon with a growing list of injuries! Down at breakfast by 6:45 and had a good helping of Scrambled egg, pancake, and bacon followed by the same again! followed by 2 toast and honey, 2 cups of tea and a pecan pastry! I would have thought that was enough! Back to our room by 8:00 tried to have a good but gentle stretch, as advised again by Andy in a late night over the phone injury diagnosis and treatment plan conversation. Our planned route today took us back over the bridge to the finish point yesterday and to run back either through lots of small roads and difficult navigation round the estuary, which dad did not fancy or driving past the finish point south on the N109 to approx 26 miles from our Hotel and running back along one road, very busy, and over the bridge with no stopping points and through the town, very complicated, which dad did not fancy also! Given that I had spoken to Wendy Manning from Hey Portugal Magazine and she wanted to meet and do an interview this morning 5 miles further south on the N109, we decided on the one road option, the busy and a bit dangerous N109! We set off a bit later than normal due to our indecision and headed through town and over the bridge, we discussed and exchanged our views on why I must try to have a continuous route from Lagos in the Algarve to London and dad thinks that if there is a tough bit for me or more importantly for him driving, we should just cut that bit out! Anyway set up just south of Monte Redondo, took photo and video in not 1 take as previous days, due to the fact that I checked the previous few days footage last night and found that dad had correctly turned the video to record but he had not focused in on me speaking, he had left the camera at whatever zoom it was used last at and tried to zoom in and out as I spoke! A lot of footage of feet and close up nostril shots! I set off just after 10:00 and the first 500 paces were so painful! My left foot felt like I had a lump of glass stuck in it and every step was pushing it deeper! As, thank god, seems to happen at the moment it mellowed and I plodded away. A mile or so in and a car flashed me, it was the lady from the magazine, she turned round passed me again and stopped with the van and dad. Dad did a quick interview and pictures were taken as I sped! past to make a show, then slowed again quickly! It all started to go wrong at 11k my right hamstring started to tighten then went solid! I stopped, tried to strap it up without success so set off at a very slow plod, I did not want to, and do not think I would have, walked due to the pain that would bring! I stopped twice more to stretch off to try and relieve the pain with varying success! I ran through a few nice towns early on then it opened out into a fast, mostly duel carriageway road, not that nice but the sun was shining and I found a bit of rhythm. Unfortunately there was a bad car accident! Dad had just passed a silly roundabout/T junction, Portugal has a lot of these and they are dangerous! When tyres screeched and vehicles collided! Dad thought it was me so rushed back to see a bit more than he would have liked! I think a couple of people not in a good way! I approached as ambulances and police arrived, I knew dad was not involved by then so did not look as closely as dad! Anyway our journey continued and we approached the dreaded bridge with no stopping places, so needed to make sure I had plenty of fluid before dad headed across and he would then not stop until he reached our hotel, guided by the sat nav that dad now loves! Before he knew it he was on the bridge and I was way back. I managed to plod back and complete the marathon distance in a very painful 4'51"45 very pleased to have completed 20 marathons in 20 days!

Finished in glorious sunshine, walked to a cafe, sat in the sun with a drink and sandwich and did not feel ill! Back to the hotel, iced all problem areas, hamstring mainly, fell asleep on the balcony and then went to bed for a few hours. Very needed! Going down for another steak now, we must make the most of this, campsite tomorrow!

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