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Day 37 - Training Blog 30th January 2013

01-February-2013 16:09
in General
by Admin


Up at 5:30, calf not good enough to run but better to walk on. Enforced Rest Day!!!!!!

No more training but I had the pleasure of being asked to address the Bedford Young Farmers at Shuttleworth College. All went well, a bit strange to be addressing a lecture theatre but hopefully I did not send too many people to sleep! At the end I was asked to have a f...ew photo's taken, nice I thought, it made me feel a bit important. I stood at the front, a nice lad came up, congratulated me and stood next to me for the photos. He looked familiar, I thought I must have met him before. Anyway we had a good conversation and I asked if he was a runner, he said no I play Cricket, oh I said, you look like you would make a good runner and then another photo taken. At this point I said I recognise you from somewhere have we met, he said you might but I do not think we have met, I am Alistair Cook! Taken aback a bit and then realising I had just told one of the best Cricketers in the world he would make a good runner! I apologised, had a laugh and we had a good chat. All good though, a very good evening, thank you Bedford Young Farmers for the invitation and the very kind collection and donation to Framework Foundation. I said my goodbyes, jumped in the van and had a chuckle to myself for the journey home!

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