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Wednesday 1st February MARATHON 19

01-February-2012 21:06
in General
by Admin

Up early following an ok night. Cabin was great but only had air conditioning so, very noisy, too hot for me but perfect for dad! Felt thirsty all night and got up 3 times. Anyway did my warm up and stretches, struggled with left of left shin swollen, swollen left ankle with minimal movement, I think from having to leave the compression tights on for nearly 4 hours after the run until we found accommodation, a very sensitive and tender ball of my left foot, a hot spot I am told and a very sore and swollen lower left thigh! Not a lot!! I could not go through the full range of stretches and I paid the price in the last 15k! Had breakfast, porridge, raisins and honey and a cup of tea, very nice packed up and loaded the van and away at 8:30, we are getting more organised! Compression tights on! Weather not looking good we headed to the notorious roundabout where yesterday run went wrong. Photo taken and video completed for the 3rd day running in one take and I set off, on cobbled streets for the first kilometre, at 8:55. Very painful on my left foot and ankle, head down and got into my stride after 5k. I ran along the coast road from Sao Pedro de Moel to Praia da Viera, just over 15k on a purpose built cycle and running lane, dunes and tree lined with only the odd rise and fall, perfect for me with my injury list, however it started to rain after half an hour and did not stop! Our Route was due to take us on this coast road all the way to the completion near Leirosa. However through no fault of ours, our route was diverted inland to Vieira de Leira and Casal dos Lobos before returning to our coastal road just before Pedrogao, due to road works! Today's run finished just before a place called Alhais. I felt ok up 27k then my right hamstring tightened low down running into the back of my knee! I slowed a bit and felt ok until the last 6k when I started to get stabbing pains in the left of my left shin! Slowed again and finished in 4'23"32. Again not bad, my left foot pain was manageable after the initial shock of pounding it against cobbles and my thigh was ok. Got changed at the road side today to try and avoid swollen ankle, banana and orange eaten and off we went to find accommodation! Tried 3 campsites in the area but all looked poor and wanted 59 Euro's a night! I felt ill as I do now after each run so ate at a cafe and felt worse! still pouring with rain we gave up on camp sites and drove to Figueria da Foz, the area to complete tomorrow's run, checked into Hotel Mercure for 2 nights, it is 4 star and only 5 Euro's more than the camp site! Great room with views over the bay. I still feel ill though, I do not think I am eating enough, I am burning over 3000 calories in 4 hours of running, plus needing over 2000 for the rest of the day, total over 5000 calories! Over the last few days I have consumed about 2200 calories and have struggled with eating any more! I think I need a few pints of Guinness! Going down to the Restaurant to try and rectify the problem, food not Guinness unfortunately. Dad and I had an argument free day, ipod back to major shuffling problems and no animal road  kill to report! Icing as I write!   

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